roadworksign-thumbAs there was a lot going on yesterday due to CalTrans projects (Highway 330 closure, blasting at the dam), here is an update on our roads. As of today (August 7), weekday flagging does continue on Highway 18 at the dam, to accommodate the Big Bear bridge project. Motorists can also anticipate weekday flagging on Highway 38, at the base of the mountain, and Highway 18 en route to Lucerne Valley for paving projects. (For what it’s worth, CalTrans office employees are on government-mandated furloughs on first, second and third Fridays of each month through June 2010.) On a more local level, tomorrow’s Fun Run event, featuring over 500 classic cars, will prompt street closures in the Village; as of 4:30am on August 8, Village Drive, Pine Knot Avenue and Bartlett Road will be closed to traffic until the cars on display leave for their Fun Run cruise around the lake at 3:45pm. Any updated information will be posted on the KBHR Roads page, as soon as we bring you the latest on the air at 93.3 FM.