Baldwin Lake, CA, September 13, 2013 — Part-time local resident Ian James Murphy will premier his inaugural film at the 2013 Big Bear Lake International Film Festival. “God’s Golden Eye” is a historical account of the desecration of a sacred tribal landmark near Baldwin Lake.

Serrano Indians occupied our local mountains 2,000 years ago, worshiping a dome of brilliant white quartz called “God’s Eye” as the eye of their creator, “Kruktat”. In the 1850s the Serranos were brutally chased out of their homelands by ranchers angry at attacks on their valley homesteads. This left God’s Eye exposed, and when the California gold rush brought miners to Big Bear, they dynamited the sacred site in a fruitless search for gold.

Murphy narrates the 33-minute documentary, sharing interviews with Native Americans, Mining representatives and individuals from the Big Bear Discovery Center and the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum. The movie explores California’s rich history and the cultural differences of the early inhabitants of Big Bear Valley, in particular.

Murphy recently returned from Peru filming his second film, investigating why people from all around the world travel to the high Andes, to gain spiritual enlightenment from the Shamans.

“God’s Golden Eye” will screen September 22 at 11:30 a.m. at Village Theaters in Big Bear Lake. View the trailer here.







Local land healer Dixie Madden and County Supervisor James Ramos were interviewed for this film.