Highway 330, as of Monday

By now, you’ve heard the good news that, nearly two months later, Highway 330 has been re-opened to traffic. Officials with CalTrans tell KBHR today (May 13) that delays can be expected, Monday through Thursday, from 7am to 6pm—and these delays during the morning commute could be as much as 20 to 30 minutes maximum, though there are also windows when traffic will continue to flow and there will be no flagging, even during work hours. Outside of the Monday-through-Thursday work hours on Highway 330, there are no delays planned for motorists, who can travel the highway 24 hours a day. The overall completion of the project is scheduled for mid-June, as initially announced in March, as the contractor still has permanent striping, guardrail work, slope resurfacing and landscaping to complete. For background (and additional photos) on this emergency-issued, $6 million project, click on the “Highway 330” tab at the bottom of this story.

Crews on Highway 330 finish preparations for the road's re-opening on Monday, May 10. Though flagging can be expected during work hours, the popular "front way" route is open 24/7--and, as promised by CalTrans, in time for next week's Amgen Tour of California!