Paul Romero "Endure the Bear" organizer

Big Bear, Ca, September 13, 2010, 5:00pm – The 2010 Conquer the Bear series has come to a close with the final event, the Endure the Bear trail run.  The series which began in early February, started with a snowshoe race through rain and snow, followed by a mountain bike ride in June, Paddlefest in July, and lastly Endure the Bear Trail run on Saturday September 11th.  19 people participated in Conquer the Bear, which consisted of participants racing in the short courses of the events.  Conquer the Bear Elite consisted of 10 participants who competed in the most difficult race of each event.  Kelley Brunson of Big Bear Lake took first in the women’s division followed by Diane Bradley of Big Bear Lake.  Adam Williams of Big Bear Lake was followed by 16-year-old Casey Williams of Big Bear Lake, and in third was 18-year-old Ramon Escobar of Tecate, Mexico.  Other participants in the Conquer the Bear Elite series include Cameron Williams, Ross Goulet, Matt Smith, Jeremy Wright and Richard Goulet.

Conquer the Bear 2010 finalists and winners celebrating a fantastic year of competition

Those participating in the Conquer the Bear or Cub series include:  Susan Maya, Angela Meyers, Michelle Russell, Jane Baumgartner, Nancy Goulet, Marlyce Davis, Carol Silberberg, Robyn Mayne, Candy Hallstead, Ernst Mueller, Rick Herrick, Jeff McCabe, Dean Saylor, Bobby Bondurant, Dave Ness, Carl Davis, David Lawrence, Simon Miller, and Janet Maxwell.

2010 Conquer the Bear "Cub" finalists

The moment of the day was when Bobby Bondurant, crossed the finish line of the 5k course on crutches.  Bondurant was struck by a vehicle on Van Dusen earlier this year while riding his mountain bike.  Bondurant had competed in the first three events, and was determined to Conquer the Bear!  The dates for next years Conquer the Bear have been set. For more information go to