Acosta Bankruptcy Halts Property Auction

Big Bear City, CA 2/28/2014 6:30 pm  - According to owner of A.J. Acosta Tree Service, Andy Acosta today filed personal and business bankruptcy in federal court.  This has resulted in halting the auction of his property on North Shore for now, which was scheduled to begin Saturday March 1, 2014.  According to Mr. Acosta, federal bankruptcy was necessary as application of the state law in this matter was not properly applied by the state judge overseeing this matter.    The organizers of the auction believe that the filing of the bankruptcy will only delay the sale of the property but in the end a sale will take place.  The proceeds of the auction are slated to be used by the county to clean up the Acosta property.  You can link to and listen to the interview we had with Mr. Acosta held on February 5th in the KBHR Studio as he explains his side of the story.  Click Here.

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