Big Bear, Ca, May 12, 2011, 12:00pm –The Co-Op in the Pines (Bear Valley Community Nursery School) was founded in 1963, and is a parent run organization, where four parents work during each preschool day.  Current teacher, Charlene Stalcup, was one of the founding parents and has been the teacher for the last 40 years.  Parents not only help with the children, they also oversee the Nursery School with a board comprised of parents that oversee responsibilities for maintenance, publicity, field trips, crafts and enrollment.   “Because we are parent run and the parents work at the school, we get to watch our children thrive at school and participate in their education.” Said Linda Tangenberg, Co-Op parent.  “It is an enriching experience for both parents and children.”   The school encourages preschoolers educational, social, emotional, and physical development, with an emphasis on outdoor play.  “Every morning is started on the playground and every day ends there as well.” Said Tangenberg.   Co-op in the Pines, is holding an open house on Tuesday May 17th from 9:30 to noon.  You are invited to bring your child and check out a day of co-op preschool.  There will be crafts and snacks for everyone.  The preschool is located just off Hwy 38 at the Big Bear Christian Center.  For more information please call 585-2444.