Big Bear Lake, CA, August 20, 2010, 8:00am – Over the next few weeks as you swim, paddle or boat along the lake, you may notice a small drop in the water level.  This is due to the Big Bear Municipal Water District or MWD releasing approximately 10 cubit feet of water per second from the lake.  MWD is doing so in response to a request from the Bear Valley Mutual Water Company and the San Bernardino Valley Municpal Water District.  In accordance with the MWD’s 1996 agreement with Valley District, whenever the summertime Lake level is less than four feet from full and Bear Valley Mutual Water Company needs water, releases must be made from the Lake. The Lake release that started on August 18th, will draw the lake level down from its current 3.62 feet below full to 4.0 feet over a period of several weeks.   The in-lieu agreement costs the MWD about $1.2 million annually to keep water in the lake.  Without the agreement water could be drained from the lake each year, so much that it would impact wildlife and lake recreation.  For further information contact the Big Bear Municipal Water District at (909) 866-5796.