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Big Bear BMX Park Is Open!

Big Bear Lake, CA July 20, 2012 – San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor Neil Derry was on hand today at the Big Bear Recreation Youth Center for the grand opening of the BMX park along with other city and county officials.  Reese Troublefield remarked that this project would not have been possible without county funding and the hard work of his staff along with the cooperation of Big Bear Lake City Council and staff.  The official opening was today with at least a dozen riders enjoying the park”s features.  The park will be open to the public on Saturday morning adding to the Youth Center and the adjoining skate board park.  Park and Recreation Director Troublefield remarked that it was great to see a park dedicated just to BMX and one to Skateboarding telling the riders to be safe and stay in the appropriate park.  With a chuckle from everyone in attendance riders began to file in and the fun was...

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SB County Supervisors Oppose Fire Fee

Big Bear, Ca, August 31, 2011, 8:00am – At the last board meeting of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on August 23rd, the Board unanimously voted to adopt a resolution to support efforts to rescind the State Responsibility Area Fire Fee.  In a news release from the office of Supervisor Neil Derry, it is stated that the Board collectively oppose the new state fire fee, which would require residents of the unincorporated mountain areas of the state to pay an extra fee for fire service.  The board believes this fee to be an illegal tax and that it subjects county residents to a double tax. Supervisor Derry brought forth a resolution opposing this state fire tax, which has been sent to the San Bernardino County Legislative Delegation. In the release, Supervisor Derry announced that he doubted that the state would provide any tangible benefit or extra service protection to residents and argued that a number of administrative and legal concerns needed to be addressed in greater detail. The Board of Forestry and Fire Protection determined that the revenue generated from the fees would be used to fund local agencies instead of CalFire. Governor Brown announced his goal was to use these revenues to backfill CalFire’s budget, which was heavily cut in the last budget cycle by the state legislature to help balance the budget.  It has been reported that...

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Derry Accepts Plea Bargain & Gets Back To Work

Big Bear, Ca, July 25, 2011, 12:00pm – San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry plead guilty last Tuesday to one misdemeanor count of failing to report a campaign contribution during his 2008 campaign to become County Supervisor.  Derry entered into a plea agreement to have the felony charges against him be dismissed.  According to the San Bernardino Sun, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Michael Dest sentenced Derry to three years of probation and ordered him to pay a $5,820 fine to the state Fair Political Practices Commission and a $4,160 fine to the court. “This was clearly a political prosecution from the beginning in an effort to remove me from office without cause,” Derry told the Sun after the hearing.  Derry further stated, “I agreed to this so I can get back to work.  This was a compromise. I still maintain my innocence.”  [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30922.mp3|titles=Derry pleads...

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Supervisor Derry Calls for a Ban of Rave Parties at County Owned Facilities

Big Bear Valley, CA, July 23, 2010, 12:00 n – Local members of the combine Rim Youth Prevention Leadership and Breakthrough Task Force coalitions have been instrumental in eliciting change in San Bernardino County.  Prompted by information provided by the concerns and suggestions raised by this coalition of concerned parents, Supervisor Neil Derry is calling for the banning of all rave parties at County owned facilities.  At Supervisor Derry’s request, County Administrative Officer Greg Devereaux issued a directive that would prohibit all county owned facilities from hosting rave parties.  In a press release from Supervisor Derry’s office, he is quoted as stating that “Parents have a reasonable expectation to believe that their children will be safe while attending events held at county owned venues, and it has become crystal clear that there is a reasonable expectation that our youth are at significant risk for exposure to drugs and sexual assault at these events.”  A recent rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum that spanned two days claimed the life of a 15-year old girl and resulted in approximately 100 youth being taken to area hospitals for various reasons. Supervisor Derry has brought this matter to the attention of each state senator and assembly member.  It is hopeful that similar policies will be made in Counties...

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