Big Bear City Area Feels Series of Earthquakes; 3.2 and 3.3 Magnitude Tremors Among (Now) Eighteen on June 7

Big Bear City, CA -- We had a series of earthquakes, most of them centered within four miles of Big Bear City, today, with two of those tremors registering a magnitude over 3.0 in the 1pm hour. All told, we have had eleven earthquakes in our area (as of 3pm), each centered between three and seven miles north of Big Bear City. The first of these, at … [Read more...]

Quake Wake: Five Earthquakes Centered Outside Big Bear Lake Friday Morning; Largest Tremor Registers 2.7 Magnitude

Big Bear Lake, CA -- It you felt a stirring in the wee hours last night (May 14), it wasn’t the wind, but five earthquakes, each of them centered five miles north of the City of Big Bear Lake. The first of these occurred at 2:15am Friday morning, and was of a magnitude of 1.5, which was followed at 3:06am by a more severe earthquake of a 2.7 … [Read more...]

Earthquake of 1.9 Magnitude Is Fourth in a Week, Centered Between Big Bear Lake and Running Springs

Though you may have thought it more strong winds, we did have an earthquake in our area yesterday evening. At 6:29pm Monday, and centered seven miles west northwest of Big Bear Lake, six miles northeast of Running Springs, there was an earthquake of a 1.9 magnitude. It was just last week that we had three earthquakes, all of which were centered in … [Read more...]

Baja’s 7.2 Tremor on Easter Prompts Another “Quake-Up” Call: Are You Earthquake Prepared?

Big Bear City, CA -- In light of yesterday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Baja Mexico, which was felt here (as a long, slow roll) in the Big Bear Valley at 3:40pm--and two local earthquakes since*--the Big Bear City Fire Department offers another “quake-up” call to residents; all are reminded to check disaster preparedness plans and supplies, … [Read more...]

Ready for the Next Big One? Fire Departments Partner to Offer Tips on Surviving the Next Snow Storm, Earthquake or Wildfire

Big Bear Valley, CA -- Our local fire agencies--including the Big Bear City Fire Department, the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District, and San Bernardino County Fire, which has stations in both Fawnskin and Baldwin Lake--have issued a joint press release, urging Big Bear Valley residents to be prepared for the next storm event. Though we are … [Read more...]

Bear City Fire Department Issues “Quake-Up Call”; Are You Earthquake Prepared?

Given the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti and the 6.5 quake in Northern California this week, the Big Bear City Fire Department reminds Valley residents to check disaster preparedness plans and supplies, as we never know when a big quake (such as the 6.4 magnitude tremor we had in June 1992) will strike; in fact, just this morning, we … [Read more...]

Morning Earthquake of 1.7 Magnitude Centered Outside Big Bear Lake

If you felt a little rattle just after the 9am hour [today, December 15], that was a 1.7 magnitude earthquake, centered six miles northwest of Big Bear Lake at 9:09am. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the 1.7 quake registered a depth of over five miles. … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Department Oversees Dismantling of House Considered Blight to Sugarloaf Neighborhood

The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station, under the direction of Captain Greg Garland, has been working to clean up the Big Bear Valley, in part by addressing code enforcement violations and conducting code sweeps over a six-month period this year. Code sweeps, in conjunction with the San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Division, have resulted in … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Quakes, Centered North of Big Bear City, Register Magnitudes of 3.7 and 2.4

Sunday morning got started with a jolt here in the Big Bear Valley, this due to an earthquake centered six miles south southeast of Lucerne Valley, seven miles north northwest of Big Bear City. The 7:55am quake on November 22 registered a 3.7 magnitude, per the U.S. Geological Survey, and went to a depth of just over two miles. Two minutes later, … [Read more...]

Earthquake at 12:13am, Our Eighth This Week, Registers 1.7 Magnitude

We’ve had our share of earthquakes this week—now eight since Saturday, though none of them registering a magnitude over 1.8. At thirteen minutes after midnight today, November 18, we had another tremor, this one of a 1.7 magnitude, and centered four miles south of Big Bear City, four miles southeast of Big Bear Lake and, per the U.S. Geological … [Read more...]