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The remnants of Hurricane Norbert cause flooding concern

Big Bear City, CA, September 7, 2014 – A Flash Flood Watch continues through Monday for local mountains, deserts and inland valleys. The main threat of flooding will be in steep canyons and in foothills in the afternoons and evenings. To help ensure public safety, forest officials have temporarily closed recreation areas near Forest Falls through Monday night. The public is reminded to avoid crossing fast-flowing water either on foot or in a vehicle, and to watch out for falling rocks and debris along Highways 18, 330 and 38. A boulder on Highway 38 scraped open a vehicle’s oil pan Sunday morning, causing a minor oil spill and a traffic...

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The Risks of Rocks on Mountain Highways

Big Bear City, August 23, 2014 – As beautiful as these mountains are, living so close to nature means being more vulnerable to its hazards. One of those hazards is rock slides. Local highways that wind between Big Bear and the San Bernardino Valley are tightly squeezed against towering hills in spots, and those hills are stacked with loose decomposed granite and teetering boulders that are easily unsettled by earthquakes or rainstorms. Wildfires also contribute to instability by making the land more prone to erosion. In 1970, the Bear Fire set into motion slides that killed one person, and in 2004, after the Old Fire of 2003, a nine-year-old boy was fatally injured by a 18-inch rock that came through a vehicle window on Highway 330. Falling rocks along State Routes 18, 330 and 38 have been known to severely damage cars, as well. One consistent trouble spot is the part of highway 18 between Bear Valley dam and Lakeview Point to the west, an area known as Arctic Circle. The five-mile segment has six avalanche zones. A Maintenance Superintendent at Caltrans, the state agency responsible for highway planning, construction, and maintenance, says their crews make regular sweeps of the road when there is a known or suspected rock fall–especially during and shortly after storms, which further unsettle the ground. Besides those regular patrols, a Traffic Management Center operates 24/7...

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Five Eagles Observed Over Weekend

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 12, 2014 – The last of four eagle censuses this winter was conducted on Saturday, with local biologists getting help from 57 volunteers. Observers spotted five bald eagles around Big Bear Lake during the one-hour count, including four adults and one juvenile. Juvenile eagles are the same size as the adults, but have a brown head and tail for their first few years of life. So, where do eagles hang out? One pair of adults was seen in the neighborhoods at Eagle Point.  The other pair was in the Grout Bay area of Fawnskin in the closure area; that bald eagle nest area there will be protected as long as the pair remains there.  The juvenile was on the south shore in the Gilner Point area and then was seen flying towards Fawnskin. Many of the bald eagles have started migrating out of southern California to breed in the north, but one breeding pair has set up a nesting territory here and are year-round residents. Unfortunately, the two chicks that hatched in early February did not survive the severe storm that followed. The four monthly counts are conducted between December and March to estimate the number of bald eagles that are wintering in lakes throughout the area.  The highest numbers are typically in February and March....

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CalTrans Works to Re-Open Hwy 18

Big Bear, CA, March 1, 2014, 10:00am – According to Terry Kasinga of CalTrans, crews are working to re-open Highway 18, the front grade, after closing the roadway yesterday morning due to large boulders and debris on the road as a result of severe weather conditions.  The route was closed at both the Big Bear Dam and Snow Valley, however, as of this morning, 100 vehicles had made their way through the un-manned Snow Valley closure.  CalTrans had to clear the vehicles through in order to continue work on the roadway and have now requested assistance in manning the closure gate to avoid more delays in the process of clearing the road.  The best estimation of when Hwy 18 will re-open is later this afternoon.  But, as more precipitation is expected, poor weather conditions could hamper the efforts.  Refer to the KBHR Roads Page for the most up to date...

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Snow or Shine, the Race is on

Big Bear Lake, CA, February 14, 2014 – One slogan of our annual snowshoe race is, “If you can walk you can snowshoe,” and given our dry winter, this year’s competitors may actually be on foot. Organizers say the 7th Annual Snowshoe the Bear will go on February 22nd at 10:00 a.m., even if turns out to be a trail run. Event producer Karen Lundgren is keeping her fingers crossed for snow, but knows that dry land shouldn’t discourage outdoor enthusiasts. She says, “The rewards of running in Big Bear’s backcountry are priceless with beautiful pine trees and Big Bear Lake as your backdrop. It’s definitely worth it.” The 5k and 10k courses begin in the Village, then ascend along the meandering forest trails to the south. The day also includes a kids’ race and EXPO event at noon, and an awards ceremony and raffle from 1:00 to 2:00, in the midst of exhibit booths, live music and product giveaways. And with an average of 200 participants plus spectators, it’s a fun festival atmosphere. If Mother Nature surprises us with some white stuff, snowshoe rentals and purchases are available at a number of local stores. Registration is now open at or by phone at (909) 224-9315. [Photos courtesy...

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