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Don’t Risk Your Life, Stay Off Lake Ice!

Big Bear, CA, January 9th, 2016 – Winter temperatures in Big Bear Valley can vary greatly, but never get cold enough to create a safe, solid frozen surface on Big Bear Lake. Being on the lake ice is a violation of San Bernardino County Codes and Ordinances of the Municipal Water District, with maximum fines of up to $500. More importantly, hypothermia and drowning are substantial risks of walking or playing on lake ice! Hypothermia occurs when the body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce it. Symptoms include uncontrollable shivering, slow or slurred speech, incoherence, fumbling...

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Missing Skiers Found

Big Bear, CA, January 8, 2016 – Shortly after 1:20 p.m. yesterday, deputies of the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station responded to a report of missing skiers and snowboarders at Snow Summit. It was originally reported that an off-duty female employee of Snow Summit had gone out of bounds, became disoriented as fog and snow conditions persisted throughout the day, and was lost in the forest on the back side of the mountain. Deputies were able to make contact with the female via cell phone and get a screenshot of her location just before her battery went dead. As search efforts were initiated, deputies received information that two male subjects had located the female’s tracks at the top of the mountain and decided to follow them into the out of bounds area. They also became lost, but were able to locate the female. Deputies made contact via cell phone with one of the males and were able to obtain GPS coordinates of the subjects’ general location. Due to heavy snow conditions, access could only be gained using heavy equipment. The Snow Cat, snowmobiles, and four-wheel drive search vehicles were deployed from the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station with search teams that included 4 deputies and 8 Search & Rescue members. The search teams ultimately located the subjects on Forest Service Road 2N10 at approximately 4:15 p.m. When they were located, a third male was with them and it was reported that an additional...

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Deep Snow – Challenging Road Conditions – Power Outages

Big Bear Lake, CA January 7, 2016 -The weather phenomenon El Nino has produced a major pacific storm that has and is still pumping deep snow conditions on Southern California mountains. Snow Summit is reporting two feet of powder has fallen over two days and the snowfall will continue as the National Weather Service has extended the Winter Warning until early Friday morning. Call yourself lucky if you can get to the slopes for a day of powder skiing. For others the roads around Big Bear are a challenge for even experienced mountain drivers with deep snow, accidents and...

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Know Before You Go

Big Bear, CA, January 6, 2016 – Big Bear Valley offers many free snow play areas for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledding.  Don’t let your winter fun be ruined – KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!  Free areas for snow play are available on open forest service land and trails only.  Snow play on private property (including vacant lots) is prohibited.  Violators are subject to citation or arrest for trespassing.  Make sure to park your vehicle in an authorized location so you don’t return from your day of fun to find a parking ticket or that your vehicle has been towed. Here are some safety tips for sledding in unmaintained areas: * Select a hill that is not too steep and has a long flat area at the bottom for you to glide to a stop. * Avoid hillsides that end near a street or parking lot. * Avoid hillsides that end near trees, boulders, fences or other hazards. * Make sure the hill is free of obstacles such as rocks, trees, fallen branches, or trash/other debris. * Choose hills that are snowy, rather than icy.  An icy slope makes for a hard landing if you fall off your sled. * Sled during the daytime, when potential hazards are visible. Pay-to-Play tubing on maintained runs is also available at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain and Big Bear Snow Play. DO NOT walk or play on the lake...

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Continuing CA Drought Prompts Action

  Big Bear, CA, April 2, 2015 – California is drawing national attention as it enters into a fourth year of devastating drought. The state’s record low snowpack, diminishing reservoir levels and high temperatures have pushed the state into uncharted territory, with worsening impacts on water quality, agriculture, fire response, habitat, and fish and wildlife. As the state braces for a hot and dry summer, top state, federal and local officials will meet Thursday, April 9, to discuss drought response actions, impacts and steps underway to stretch California’s depleted water reserves this year. Among the topics to be covered at the 2015 Drought Briefing will be an overview of  the extended drought conditions in California, State and Federal response efforts, impacts on farms and fish, as well as the 2015 Save Our Water Campaign. Late last month, the California Assembly, Senate, and Governor announced emergency drought legislation that included one billion dollars in funds that could aid current drought efforts as well as proposed augmentations for emergency food assistance, emergency drinking water, and conservation actions. In an historic move, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order yesterday ordering water use to be slashed by 25 percent across the state. That could mean a savings of 1.5 million acre-feet of water over nine months. “This historic drought demands unprecedented action,” Brown said in a statement. “Therefore, I’m issuing an executive...

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