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Personal Emergency Transmitter Leads to Rescue of Hiker

Mt. Baldy, CA – On Sunday, September 3rd, San Bernardino County Dispatch received notification from the International Emergency Response Coordination Center about a subject that was in distress in the San Bernardino Mountains near Mt. Baldy. The I.E.R.C.C. monitor personal emergency transmitters often carried by hikers, which allow them to send distress signals that can include their location in degrees of latitude and longitude. Some devices are also capable of transmitting text messages. Using a Garmin inReach, 48 year old Marina Del Rey resident Michael Patchen sent a distress signal with a text stating that he was sliding down the side of the mountain and needed help. The sheriff’s desert patrol helicopter, 40King6, quickly responded to the area and located Patchen at the coordinates received via the inReach device. He was located at around the 8,500 foot level in very steep inaccessible terrain. Due to his location, the crew requested the Sheriff’s rescue helicopter to perform a hoist rescue. Air Rescue 306 responded to the scene and lowered an Air Medic approximately 100 feet down to Patchen. Patchen was placed into a rescue harness, hoisted up to the helicopter and flown to waiting ground units. Patchen sustained only superficial...

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Hoist Rescue Required for Hiker at Castle Rock

Big Bear Lake, CA – On Monday, August 28, 60 year old Anna Fay Hannah, a visitor from Texas, was hiking in the Big Bear area at Castle Rock. While hiking, she fell and sustained a non-life threatening injury. She was unable to hike out of the area and called 911 for help. Big Bear Fire personnel arrived at the scene and began hiking to her. Fire personnel were assisted by a Sheriff’s patrol helicopter. The crew of the helicopter located the injured hiker and guided medical personnel to her. Medical personnel assessed the victim and decided a hoist rescue...

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“Bryan Fire” Highway 38 Reopened

UPDATE:   It has been reported that the Bryant fire was suspicious in nature and a person was apprehended in connection to the fire.  Use caution while traveling in the area as fire fighters and equipment may be working alongside the highway. The fire grew to 250 acres, 150 personnel on hand with limited containment. 8/3/17 3:30 pm – A quickly moving vegetation fire alongside Highway 38 forces it’s closure. It’s now called the Bryant fire. This area is prone to fires. Recently and over the years many fires have originated in this area. The fuel is reported as...

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Fire Prevention Fees Still Due for Prior Billings

Big Bear, CA – Property owners who owe fire prevention fees are still required to make payment for fiscal years 2011-12 through 2016-17. Passage of the bipartisan cap and trade bill, Assembly Bill 398, suspended the fire prevention fee going forward, but does not impact existing fire prevention fee obligations. Effective July 1, 2017, AB 398 suspends fire prevention fee billings starting with fiscal year 2017-18. Bills issued to property owners for prior fiscal years 2011-12 through 2016-17, that have not been paid, are still owed and if not paid in a timely manner, may have penalties and interest assessed. If...

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Fire Tax Fee Dropped for Rural Areas of California

The much debated and often labeled as an illegal and redundant tax will soon be dropped as part of Assembly Bill 398 — the Global Warming Solutions Act.   Although not linked to global warming the fire tax elimination was a method to garner more votes from rural assembly members on both sides of the political spectrum.  For a large number of property owners in Big Bear they will be overjoyed with the news as many considered it an unnecessary fee derived in order to help shore up weakened state budgets.    Several state lawmakers including Retired State Senator George...

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