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BBLTBID Final Public Hearing Tonight, March 14th, 2016

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 14th, 2016 – Tonight’s public hearing is the last steps required of the City Council in order to establish the BBLTBID (Big Bear Lake Tourism Business Improvement District).  If written protests are received from the businesses in the proposed district that will pay 50% or more of the proposed assessment, the district may not be formed.  Additionally, the Visitor’s Bureau and Lodging Association agreed to a voluntary stipulation to not move forward with formation if 34% of a 100 member control group vote was in opposition.  At the time, zero protests have been received...

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BBLTBID Could Generate Money to Promote Travel and Tourism in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, CA, February 25, 2016 – The BBLTBID or ‘Big Bear Lake Tourism Business Improvement District’, is a benefit assessment district proposed to help fund marketing and sales promotion efforts for Big Bear Lake Lodging and Ski Resort businesses. This approach has been used successfully in other destination areas throughout the state to improve tourism and drive additional room nights and lift ticket sales. The proposed district includes all Lodging and Ski Resort businesses located within the boundaries of the City of Big Bear Lake. Lodging and Ski Resort business owners decided to pursue formation of the...

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Join The Big Bear Winter Festival Fun With Snowshoe and Fat Bike Races! UPDATE

UPDATE:  Big Bear, CA, February 24, 2016 – Big Bear Cycling and Open Air Big Bear, co-producers of Big Bear Winter Festival, announced that Big Bear Winter Festival is postponed until March 12-13, 2016. The event, which features snowshoe races and fatbike races, was originally scheduled for February 27 and 28, 2016. Officials however, determined to push it back in anticipation of a much awaited weather-pattern change in hopes to provide the most optimal conditions for participants.  “This was planned as a snow event from the beginning, and we are not going to run the event in non-snowy conditions,” said Big...

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Prepare for Flooding Before it Occurs – Local Agencies Offer Free Sandbags

  Big Bear, CA, February 22nd, 2016 – Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.  In fact, flooding causes more than $2 billion in property damage every year.  The effects of El Nin?o could continue well into March, and Big Bear Fire Department encourages all Valley residents and businesses to plan ahead.  Agencies within Big Bear Valley have stocked up with sand and sandbags to help the Valley’s residents protect their homes and businesses in the event that flooding occurs. Properly placed sandbags should redirect water, mud and debris reducing the risk of property damage.  Local authorities suggest getting...

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Big Bear Is One Of The Most Important And Amazing Ski And Snowboard Destinations In The Country

Big Bear, CA, February 13th, 2016 – Did you know that Big Bear is one of the most important and amazing ski and snowboard destinations in the country?  According to a new article in Ski Magazine, it just might be. Big Bear Mountain Resorts is a fantastic winter sports location, and it’s not just because of the beautiful snow and stunning scenery… it’s because of the wide variety of people it attracts.  Just in lining up for the lift or grabbing a bite at the Beach Bar your’re apt to see a vast array of our world’s different cultures and lifestyles, and they’re all about just having a great time. This diversity of clientele is what all winter sports resorts aspire to…even more specifically, the goal is to attract multi-ethnic Millennials from different economic circumstances to the slopes.  Millennials think and consume differently, and the ski industry must cater to them as clients if it is to continue to flourish.  Big Bear is the best example of how to make that happen. So grab your snow gear, grab your friends, and head to the slopes of Big Bear! You’re going to have an awesome...

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