The KBHR motorsports report is up next …   fueled with passion .. driven on the edge.

 20 years ago .. Senna .. the F1 racer will killed in Imola, Italy, in fact he was described as perhaps one of the best drivers of all time but that shocking weekend began with the death of Austrian rookie Ratzenberger as well.  All worth mentioning as Motorsports is one of the biggest spectator sports perhaps because the high risk and reward nature is fueled by passion for the automobile.

This Sunday is the Greystone Concours at the Greystone Mansion in the hills above Beverly Hills.  For Jay Lenno and other car collecting stars it’s an A list event.  A beautiful estate setting, fine food and beverages included makes this one of best shows on the west coast.

The newly formed IMSA Tudor United Sportscar Championship visits Laguna Seca this weekend, a track known for delivering the best road course action in the beautiful setting of Monterey in central California. Almost any race at that track is worth the journey.

The high speed track of Talladega will host the NASCAR Sprint and nationwide series this weekend.  Talladega and Daytona have been described as the some of the most exciting of the season.

Open Wheel racing has the weekend off as Formula one prepares for Spain and Indycar readys for the Indianapolis road course.

Local racers take the “Orange Show Track” one of the best family entertainment values..  The Orange show will host the stock car races this Saturday evening, doors open at 4 first races roll off at 7.  Local racers Mercer Tires Jessy Lawson, Johnny Russo and Conklin Hot Rod Jim Conklin will do battle for overall points this year.  The quarter mile track produces some of the best fender to fender racing for  just 5 bucks, military members and children under 5 are free.  When these three local racers mix it up the the grin factor always goes up.

The KBHR Motorsports show was brought to you the Big Bear Motorsports Association.