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Water Restrictions Still in Effect

Big Bear, CA, July 30, 2014 – Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted an Emergency Water Conservation Regulation that all Californians are required to follow. However, for the past decade, the Big Bear Lake DWP has had water restrictions in place that are already in line with the State Water Board’s mandated restrictions. Water supplies for the Big Bear Valley come solely from local groundwater aquifers that are recharged by precipitation. In 2002 in the midst of a serious drought, a water shortage emergency was declared by the DWP Board and mandatory restrictions on water use and landscaping were put in place. Due to the efforts of the DWP and Big Bear residents, from 2002 to 2014 demand was reduced by 27% with a 7% increase in service connections. In 2013, the DWP Board lifted the water shortage emergency, but decided to make the water use and landscaping regulations permanent. These include the following: All water leaks must be repaired at once. There will be no hose washing of paved areas. Washing vehicles must be done with a bucket and a hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle. Outdoor watering shall be done before 9 am or after 6 pm and on an alternate day schedule with no watering done on major holiday weekends. Turf installations shall be limited to 1000 square feet and plans must be submitted...

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Fire District Board Updated on Firewise Programs

Big Bear Lake, Ca July 15, 2011 12:00 pm – During Wednesday’s meeting of the Big Bear Lake Fire District, Fire Fuels Reduction Supervisor David Yegge gave a presentation about the multiple fire prevention programs the city is pursuing.  Big Bear Lake has received commendation for these programs, including an article in Sunset Magazine last September called “Doing it right: looking for the safest place to live in wildfire country? Welcome to Big Bear Lake”  Current programs highlighted by Yegge included the joint agency Curbside Chipping program throughout the Valley, the work with the County to remove dead and dying trees, updates to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and grants in progress for future programs.  One grant Yegge is working on would extend the successful chipping program for several additional years.  In June alone, the program received 570 requests for chipping, with another 225 made this month.  202 tons of brush has been chipped, with some of the wood chips being used at sites around the City, and some slated to be burned for electricity at a plant in Thermal, California.  During the presentation, the Board was invited to visit the firewise property during this Saturday’s Xeriscape Garden Tour.  The demonstration property uses native plants and careful landscaping to create a beautiful yard that also reduces the home’s vulnerability to wildfire.  The demonstration is part of the Districts’ programs...

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Find Out How To Make Your Garden “Green” At Xeriscape Garden Tour

Big Bear, Ca, July 12, 2011, 12:00pm – The 9th annual Xeriscape Garden Tour will take place this Saturday, July 16th.  Participants can begin the FREE self-guided tour anytime between 9am and noon starting at Eminger’s Mountain Nursery.  Once registered, participants will have until 4:00pm to complete the driving tour of the homes in Big Bear Valley.  A tour booklet, which includes the locations of 8 homes, a map, and helpful information on gardening in the mountains, will be handed out at the starting location.  Experts will be on hand at each of the homes on the tour to explain the ins and outs of creating a beautiful landscape and conserving water at the same time.  Several of the tour sponsors will be on hand at the Eminger’s starting location to answer questions about topics such as composting, tree care and artificial turf.  Drought tolerant plants will be on sale at Eminger’s throughout the day.  Once again the tour will feature a special fire wise home where the homeowner combined defensible space with drought tolerant and native plants.  Attendees will be able to pick up information on which native plants should be planted within 15 feet of the home and which should be planted outside a 15 foot circle.  Native plants will also be on sale mid-way through the tour at Hunter’s Nursery with native plant expert on hand...

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9th Annual Xeriscape Garden Tour

Sponsored by the Sierra Club Big Bear Group. Start the self guided tour at Eminger’s Mountain Nursery at 41223 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake.  Information will be available about composting, tree care, and artificial turf at the start of the tour.  Pick up your map and visit 8 homes where gardening, native plant, xeriscape, and firewise experts will explain how to transform your landscape.  Complete your tour by 4:00 pm.  Free.  For additional information, contact Christie Walker at (909)...

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Time to Plant Big Bear’s Community Garden

Big Bear, Ca April 1, 2011 5:00 pm – The ground-breaking for Big Bear’s Community Garden was last September.  Gardeners everywhere dream and plan during what seems to be a never-ending winter.  Big Bear gardeners are no different.  Now that spring seems to have finally arrived, they are excited and hopeful about planting in the China Gardens site for the first year.  The donations of dirt and soil are waiting and the volunteers are ready to go.  What is needed is wood for the frames to create the raised beds, a chain-link safety fence, and wire mesh to keep gophers and ground squirrels from digging into the growing fruits and vegetables.  What is needed is donations and money to make the dream a reality.  A local building supply company has offered the wood at cost, but the garden organizers must raise the money to cover the cost.  Your help is requested to get the Community Garden ready for planting.  Donations may be made through the Lighthouse Project and at the Taco Night fundraiser at Sonora Cantina on Monday, April 11 from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.  The Community Garden offers 44 plots for organically growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as fruit trees, an education amphitheater, and a xeriscape demonstration garden.  Located behind CVS on Fox Farm Road, requests for plots continue to be accepted and added to...

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