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Getting To and Around Big Bear Lake Safely

Big Bear, CA, December 20th, 2015 – Winter weather conditions in the City of Big Bear Lake can be beautiful, but they can also be hazardous. Forecasters predict a volatile El Nino weather scenario as we enter 2016, but there are a few simple things you can do to be prepared; Check weather and road conditions in advance and download a mobile weather app to your cell phone. Don’t forget your phone charger and roadside assistance membership card. Check your vehicle windshield wipers, brakes and working lights. But, just in case you get stuck, make sure you have an emergency kit. Your supplies...

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State Route 18 Closure Scheduled For Winter Weather Preparation

UPDATE!! CHANGE OF TIME OF CLOSURE. AS OF OCTOBER 2, 2015 CALTRANS IS REPORTING THAT THE CLOSURE IS NOW SCHEDULED AS A DAYTIME EVENT. HIGHWAY 18 WILL BE CLOSED FROM 8:00 AM TILL 4:00 PM, OCTOBER 12 TO OCTOBER 29, 2015.  ORIGINAL REPORT Big Bear, CA September 21, 2015 – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), will close State Route 18 in the “Arctic Circle” Monday through Friday nights, October 12 to October 29, (FROM 8 AM TO 4 PM) from 9pm to 5am .  The closure will occur between Snow Valley Ski Resort and Big Bear Dam.  Maintenance crews will be cleaning cuts and drains as part of Caltrans’ storm relief efforts. In addition, crews will take advantage of the closure to conduct such routine maintenance as cutting vegetation away from signs and removing slide material and debris that has found its way down the slopes as a result of any recent storms. Motorists are advised to use SR 38 as an alternate route to Big Bear. Plan ahead, and know before you...

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Mountain Travel Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 16, 2012, noon – Winter storms have been sporadic this year, but K-BEAR Meteorologist Ben Brissey says there’s a big one projected for this weekend that could bring several inches of snow. So if you must get in your car and travel anywhere in the mountains this weekend, Caltrans has a few helpful tips to make your drive a safe and enjoyable one. Fill up your gas tank and always have tire chains with you. Mountain weather is unpredictable and changes without warning. Bring water, food, warm clothing, sturdy shoes or boots, and necessary medications. Bring a charged cell phone and your cell phone charger for your vehicle. Bring a flashlight or battery operated radio just in case.  Make sure your tires are in good condition and your vehicle is running well. If you need to install tire chains, use the chain control areas or turnouts near chain control locations – never block the roadway or put chains on next to the road. Never play in the snow next to the roadway – it is dangerous for you, your kids, and other motorists. And remember, always make room and slow down for Caltrans equipment, CHP vehicles, and emergency responders. For the latest weather and road information listen to 93.3FM or visit...

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Prepare Vehicle For Winter Weather

Big Bear, Ca, November 15, 2011, 8:00am – The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station is encouraging all motorists to be prepared for the winter months.  The Sheriff’s Department is advising that motorists not only get their vehicle winter ready, but to also have emergency supplies in your vehicle.  Make sure your brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, heater and exhaust system are in top condition, and check your antifreeze and be ready for colder temperatures.  Other items that you should keep in your car include an ice scraper or commercial de-icer, a handheld broom for brushing snow off your car, a shovel to free your car if it is snowed in, and sand, burlap or kitty litter for traction if your wheels become mired in snow.  Remember to always carry chains when driving in the mountains in the winter months.  Carry gloves for installing chains, and an old towel or blanket to lay on while installing your chains.  It is also a good idea to carry jumper cables, a large flashlight with extra batteries, battery powered radio, highway safety flares, and a windshield ice scraper.  The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station remind everyone to be prepared, be safe and drive slow for winter road...

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