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This Week Is Wildfire Awareness Week

San Bernardino, CA, May 8, 2012, 8:00am  – Don’t let the recent cool weather fool you, the sun will shine and the heat of summer will be here soon. Due to the amount of rain this past winter, grasses and weeds will flourish and quickly dry out, creating extreme fire danger. This week (May 6-12) is National Wildfire Awareness Week. San Bernardino County Fire reminds residents to do their part in understanding fire danger by exercising extreme caution around dry, flammable vegetation. Wildfire safety isn’t limited to those who live near wild lands, it’s for anyone camping or spending time in these locations as well. Contrary to common perception, a wildfire does not have to burn everything in its path. In fact, clearing property of debris and maintaining landscaping are important, yet simple, first steps for homeowners. Residents can do their part and take action today that will lessen the risk of damage if a wildfire occurs. To learn more on how you can be prepared for a wildfire, go to big-bear-news-dot-com.                         ü  Create a defensible area, firebreaks that divert flames around property, by clearing weeds and dry grass at least 100 feet around your home.  Property on sloped areas should be cleared at least 100 feet as well, as wind-fed flames can race up hills and mountainsides quickly. ü  Store flammable liquids...

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Wildfire Awareness Week Encourages Homeowner Preparedness

Sacramento, CA, May 2, 2011, noon – This week is “Wildfire Awareness Week”. Cal Fire is urging homeowners to be ready for wildfires. Wildfire Awareness Week is designed to not only remind Californians of the dangers wildfires pose, but also to educate them on how to prepare their property. So far this year, California has experienced above average rainfall across the state. The increased precipitation has left many areas abundantly green and overgrown. However, as warmer temperatures and drier conditions occur, the grass and brush will begin to dry out and the fire danger will dramatically increase. This year’s theme for Wildfire Awareness Week is once again the nationwide fire preparedness campaign of “Ready, Set, Go!”. Being Ready for a wildfire starts by maintaining 100 feet of Defensible Space and hardening homes with fire resistant building materials. Last summer, Cal Fire launched a new website, www.ReadyForWildfire.org to assist homeowners in preparing for wildfires. The site offers steps residents should take to make their home more resistant to wildfires and to ensure that their family is ready to evacuate early and safely when a wildfire strikes. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30679.mp3|titles=Wildfire Awareness...

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