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Team Jordan Welcomed Back Big Bear Style!

Big Bear, Ca, January 2, 2011, 4:00pm – Team Jordan was welcomed home Big Bear Style on New Years Day.  The team comprised of Paul and Jordan Romero and Karen Lundgren returned home to Big Bear after they summited Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica on Christmas Eve.  The team has now summited the 7 Summits, the 7 highest peaks on each of the continents, and is happy to be home.  Karen, Paul and 15 year old Jordan traveled through the village atop Old Red, the fire truck, where they where given a walk down memory lane, as each of the 7 Summits were represented by different businesses in the Village.   Their tour of memory lane ended at the Robinhood Resort, where a crowd of close friends, family and supporters waited to welcome the team back into the Big Bear Valley.  Jordan, Paul and Karen all spoke about their amazing journey and thanked the community for their support over the last six years.  Karen told the crowd that Antarctica was the most beautiful place she has ever been, and that it was an amazing journey.  Paul thanked everyone for the amazing support and said that the team could feel the energy from Big Bear during their climb.  Jordan was all smiles as he thanked the crowd, and his friends for taking a few runs on the slopes at Bear...

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Team Jordan Welcome Back Celebration Set For New Years Day

Big Bear, Ca, December 30, 2011, 8:00am – Team Jordan has arrived back in Chile after a 5 hour flight from Antarctica yesterday.  The local family of adventurers will be returning home to Big Bear after summiting Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica, and by doing so completing the seven summits, the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents.  Local’s Paul, Karen and Jordan will spend some time in Chile before flying back to California.  A welcome back celebration has been set for New Years Day, Sunday, January 1st at 5:00pm in the Village of Big Bear Lake.  The team will arrive to the Robinhood Resort at 5:00pm, where they will share some stories of their most recent adventure. Jordan Romero at the age of 15 has now become the youngest person to complete the seven summits, and is excited to come home and ski.  The community is invited to attend the welcome back celebration, and it reminded to bundle up as the team will be telling their story outside in the parking lot of the Robinhood...

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Team Jordan Summits Vinson Massif! Team Now Has Completed the 7 Summits!

Big Bear, Ca, December 26, 2011, 9:00am – 15 Year old Jordan Romero made the record books again, along with his father Paul Romero and stepmother, Karen Lundgren.  Team Jordan successfully summited Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica on Christmas Eve at 9:00am our time.  Upon summiting Vinson Massif, the team became the first family to complete the seven summits, the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents, and Jordan became the youngest person to complete the 7 summits.  The Big Bear Locals will be flying from Antarctica back to Chile today, and will get a chance to warm up before flying back to Big Bear.  A welcome home celebration has been planned for Sunday, January 1st at 5:00pm in the parking lot of the Robinhood Resort.  Everyone is invited and welcome to join in the festivities that will honor Big Bear’s home town heroes!  KBHR and the community of Big Bear Lake congratulate Team Jordan on completeing the 7 Summits, and for motivating people everywhere to find their...

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Team Jordan Touches Down at Low Camp

Big Bear, Ca, December 21, 2011, 4:00pm – Team Jordan landed in Antarctica a few days ago, and has been preparing for the climb to Mount Vinson Massif at base camp.  High winds have delayed the team from moving forward for the past few days, however the team was able to get the green light yesterday and move forward to what is called the Low Camp.  Team Jordan called the studios of KBHR, and stated that they were ok, in good spirits, and that they hope to reach the summit on Christmas Day.  Currently temperatures in Antarctica are around –20 degrees, which for the coldest continent on earth are considered warm temperatures during their summer season.  There are other teams that will be making the trek to the summit with Team Jordan, along with experienced Antarctica guides.  For more information, and to track Team Jordan, visit our website at www.BigBearNews.com and click on Team Jordan...

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