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The Legend of Castle Rock

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 3, 2014 – Rising out of the mountains at the southwest end of the lake, standing like a sentinel keeping watch over Big Bear, is Castle Rock. There is a Serrano Indian legend that surrounds Castle Rock from a time long ago when Big Bear was known as Yuhaviat, which means ‘pine place’. The legend tells of a beautiful young girl named Wyhnemah who once lived in Yuhaviat. All the young men of the tribe were constantly competing with each other for her attention, but she only cared for one young brave named Pahwek. He was a hunter and whenever he was gone on hunting trips to get food for the tribe, Wyhnemah would climb to the top of Castle Rock and watch for his return.When she would see him in the distance, she would climb down and run to meet him. On one such trip, Pahwek did not return when he was supposed to. As the days and weeks went by, Wyhnemah came to realize that something was terribly wrong and that he would never be coming home. Not wanting to live her life without her true love, she climbed to the top of Castle Rock one evening and with a prayer on her lips, Wyhnemah stepped off the edge to join Pahwek forever in the happy hunting...

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Celebrate Native American Heritage At Feast Of The Harvest Moon

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Willow House is Dedicated at Historical Museum

Big Bear, Ca, September 5, 2011, 8:00am – On Saturday, September 3rd, over 50 people gathered at the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum for the dedication of the new Willow House campsite on the museum grounds.  The Willow House is a traditional Serrano Indian structure, and the Chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, James Ramos, along with family and friends erected the house last weekend.  Ramos and family were in attendance at the dedication, and sang traditional songs of the native people of this valley, and told a brief history of the Mission Indians.  Doug Walton, President of the Historical Society thanked Ramos for funding the project and for bringing the supplies, and people to create it.  Walton went on to express how he is excited about continuing a relationship with the Mission Indians, and how he hopes the museum can incorporate more of their history into its exhibits.  Ramos told the crowd that next summer they will build a traditional grainary and cooking area to go along side the Willow House.  To view the new Willow House, you can visit the Museum through the rest of the summer on Wednesdays or on the Weekends.  For more information visit...

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