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BVUSD Learns More on How to Develop A Successful Parcel Tax Measure

Big Bear, CA, February 7, 2012, 5:00pm -The Bear Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees held a Special Board Workshop meeting Monday evening to learn more about what is needed in pursuing a Parcel Tax in the Big Bear Valley.  At a meeting on February 1st, the Board had agreed to move forward with a Parcel Tax election to help our School District fund our student’s education in light of dramatic budget cuts from Sacramento.  Political consultant, Charles Heath of TBWB Strategies outlaid that process for the Board and eighteen members of the public in attendance.  The inherent political challenges facing the implementation of a Parcel Tax, that would allow for school programs and services to be funded as outlined by our School District, were thoroughly discussed by Mr. Heath which included key strategies and election date considerations that the Board will need to make a decision on soon.  Mr. Heath is recommending a July 10th election day in the form of a mail ballot allowing for sufficient time to draft the measure, educate the community, organize supporters, establish committees and more.  Initial ballot testing, by way of surveys, were done in both 2010 and 2011.  Due to the current economic climate, Mr. Heath is recommending a new survey be completed to determine how the public would feel about a Parcel Tax measure this year since it’s difficult...

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Education Trust Fundraiser At Club Bombay

Big Bear, Ca, February 7, 2012, 12:00pm – The Big Bear Valley Education Trust is holding a fundraiser at Club Bombay on Wednesday, February 8th from 6:30 to 9:00pm. The Education Trust formed in 2009, when a group of concerned citizens decided to explore ways to support out local schools.  Since then the Education Trust has helped bring 25 volunteers into classrooms to aid teachers, speakers have visited and talked with high school students about different career paths, and currently 25-30 teachers are going through GATE Training, which stands for Gifted and Talented Education.  The Education Trust is funding the fees for the teachers to attend the classes that will expose teachers to different methods of working and teaching young people, by presenting material in a different way to make it more appealing, exciting, and engaging to students.  The fundraiser at Club Bombay will help fund the classes, as well as support other programs of the Education Trust.  Attendees will receive a complimentary 2012 membership to Friends of the Big Bear Valley Education Trust along with the ticket...

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BVUSD Regular Meeting Further Outlines Parcel Tax Idea

Big Bear, CA, February 2, 2012, 12noon: At last night’s regular board meeting of the Bear Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees, during the public comment section of the meeting several parents spoke on behalf of dismissed Middle School aide, Ken O’Hare.  The distressed speakers outlined Mr. O’Hare’s dedication to students and their potential to protest his firing that occurred earlier during closed session.  It is unclear as the reason for Mr. O’Hare’s dismissal but speakers made reference to an inappropriate text message.  The District Board and administration does not publicly comment on employee personnel issues and his dismissal, and reason for it, was not made public by the District.  Fifty or so community members and district staff attended the meeting at the Middle School seemingly primarily for information about the District’s financial status and potential upcoming Parcel Tax.  The Board adopted a resolution against the elimination of home-to-school transportation and Special Education transportation funding citing harm to low-income students in rural California for disproportionate program and service reductions compared to all other students in this state.  Additionally, the resolution urges our politicians to reverse the State Budget action in regards to cutting transportation funding.  A presentation of the Parcel Tax parameters was to be outlined last night by consultant Charles Heath of TBWB Strategies, however, Mr. Heath was unable to attend and the item was pulled from...

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Bear Valley School District Budget Advisory Committee Meeting

Big Bear, CA, January 30, 2012, 12noon:  Last Thursday, the Budget Advisory Committee of the Bear Valley School District met to receive a status update in regards to Governor Brown’s proposed 2012-2013 State Budget and to begin discussion of potential expenditure reductions.  The Committee, which was formed in 2008, is comprised of District administrators, school and union representatives, parents and community members who will begin reviewing items in the budget for potential reduction which, ultimately, is decided upon and presented by the Superintendent, Kurt Madden.  Committee members were appraised of the discussions from the Board Workshop meeting of January 25th in which it was revealed that Governor Brown is proposing the elimination of home to school transportation.  For our District, that annual cost is approximately $830K.  The Governor is also proposing a $7 billion dollar tax-initiative, Prop 98 that, if it doesn’t pass, will result in an additional $960K cut in funding and the possible elimination of three weeks of school.  So, at the next Budget Advisory Committee meeting on February 6th, the committee will, once again, begin the grueling process of revisiting the list of 85 potential areas for budget cuts as well as reviewing new areas of possible budget reductions.  Additionally, the Committee was informed of a letter our school district received from Gary Thomas, County Superintendent of Schools, that outlined the implications of having a “Qualified...

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Governor’s Budget Hits BVUSD Hard: Workshop Set To Discuss Options

Big Bear, Ca, January 24, 2012, 12:00pm – The Bear Valley Unified School District will hold a board workshop meeting tomorrow in the Big Bear Middle School Library.  This meeting will be filled with important discussions and decisions due to the recent release of the budget by Governor Brown, and its devastating impact on the BVUSD budget.   Paul Zamoyta, one of BVUSD’s trustees on the board expressed his frustration on Facebook after the budget was announced stating: “IT ELIMINATES BUS FUNDING! That’s another 800K hit to our school district on top of another 900+K in other non-transportation related cuts. This is all in addition to the 1.3M we still have to cut this year. (Can you imagine what our district would look like without buses? Fewer students will attend school, thus even less money for our district, creating even more of a money problem. And operationally, can you imagine the traffic jam that dropping students off would look like?”  Zamoyta continued to ask for help, saying “this is staggering.”  The meeting will focus on the budget issue, as exploring alternate funding sources is first on the workshop agenda.  Board members will look into the advantages and disadvantages of a General Obligation Bond, Parcel Tax, and technology endowment.  Board members will also look into a possible reconfiguring of schools where one of the elementary schools would house Kindergarten through second...

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