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SBD National Forest Increases Fire Restrictions

Big Bear, CA, September 1, 2016 – The San Bernardino National Forest will increase the current seasonal fire restrictions effective Friday, September 2, 2016. Continued hot and dry conditions, coupled with a long-term outlook that predicts no change in weather trends and normal fall winds, have prompted local fire mangers to implement additional fire restrictions on the National Forest. Designed to prevent accidental wildfires, these restrictions will affect additional recreation sites and become more restrictive in areas already in restrictions. “The Blue Cut and Pilot Fires are good examples of how fast new fires are likely to spread this year,”...

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The Adventure Pass is Back

San Bernardino, CA, July 20 – To implement a settlement reached by plaintiffs and the U.S. Forest Service, a district court has vacated a 2014 ruling that affected the U.S. Forest Service’s ability to enforce recreation fees at standard amenity recreation fee sites in the Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests in southern California. On May 19, 2016, the district court granted a joint motion by the plaintiffs and the U.S. Forest Service to accept the settlement agreement, which resulted in the 2014 judgment being vacated. Standard amenity recreation fee sites provide amenities such as designated developed parking, picnic tables, toilet facilities,...

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Prescribed Burns Protect Our Forests

Big Bear, CA, November 29th, 2015 – Everyone wants to preserve and enjoy Big Bear’s pristine beauty, while protecting the ecosystem which has made the jewel of Southern California so special.  With the arrival of winter weather, the U.S. Forest Service will begin prescribed burn operations on the San Bernardino National Forest.  Winter burns are part of a continuing effort to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and improve forest health.  Prescribed burns are intended to reduce the amount of vegetation which can carry fire from the forest floor into the treetops. Prescribed burns stimulate the growth of grasses, forbs and shrubs that provide food for deer, mountain quail and other wildlife.  Burns are conducted in coordination with the National Weather Service and South Coast Air Quality Management District. The public may also see smoke from pile burning activities in several San Bernardino National Forest locations in Big Bear and the south side of Big Bear Lake during the next several months.  Prescribed burns will also take place in the San Jacinto Mountains. For more information call the Big Bear Ranger...

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Inland Empire Man Convicted of Threatening to Kill Federal Officer

Big Bear, CA November 2, 2015 – An Inland Empire man, Richard Latka, 56, of Hemet, was convicted of threatening to kill a Federal Forest Service Officer who came to the man’s home to ask about trash dumped in the San Bernardino National Forest.  According to the evidence, the Officer went to Latka’s residence in October 2014 to investigate.  The officer encountered Latka who reacted angrily and ran toward the officer with clenched fists. Believing that Latka intended to hit him, the officer drew his Taser gun. Latka stopped running but continued screaming at the officer. The officer tried to remove himself from the situation by getting into his car, but Latka continued to scream at the officer and pounded on the window of the law enforcement vehicle with his fist. The officer drove away, but Latka followed in his own car, yelling “next time you’re dead.” “Threatening the lives of law enforcement officers will not be tolerated,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. Decker. The officer in this case took many steps to de-escalate the situation and prevent it from getting worse. If not for the officer’s professionalism and calm, the defendant’s conduct could have become more violent and dangerous.  Sentencing is set for January 25, 2016, at which time Latka will face a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison, a three-year period of supervised release, and...

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C.A.M.P. on Local Forest to Eradicate Marijuana Planting

National Forest area near Day Creek Canyon, July 23, 2015 –  The Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team conducted a joint operation with CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) and the DEA to eradicate a large marijuana cultivation site in the San Bernardino National Forest near Day Creek Canyon. The site was located in extremely rugged terrain approximately one mile north of the city limits of Rancho Cucamonga. Investigators found 4,278 marijuana plants, a large amount of camping equipment and an abundance of trash as evidence that several suspects, including Gonzales-Salcedo and Rincon-Arreola, were living within the site, and caring for the marijuana...

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