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Sugarloaf Woman Pleads Guilty to Child Abduction Charges

Big Bear, CA, December 3, 2014 – A mother accused of kidnapping her son from the child’s father and taking him to Mexico, pled guilty on November 20th to felony child abduction charges and was sentenced to 6 months in County Jail and 5 years probation. On November 6th, investigators from the Child Abduction Unit of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office recovered 3-year-old Anthony Tummarello, Jr. at the Calexico Border Patrol Station and were able to reunite him with his father later that same night. The boy’s mother, Melissa Epperley, of Sugarloaf, had withheld Anthony, Jr. from his father since February 2013 without the father’s consent and had been wanted on charges of kidnapping and child abduction. The defendants’s mother, Wanda Epperley, also of Sugarloaf, was charged with aiding and abetting in the abduction and pled guilty to misdemeanor child abduction. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Big Bear Station, assisted in the...

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District Attorney’s Files Complaint on Kidnapping Charges

In January, 2014, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station responded to a call for service regarding child concealment. Anthony Tummarello reported that he had not seen his son in 11 months and that the child’s mother, Melissa Epperley, was purposely not allowing him to see their 3-year-old. Tummarello had made numerous attempts to contact Epperley in an effort to visit the child, but his requests were refused. Epperley was reported to have been staying in Big Bear at that time. Deputies’ attempts to contact Melissa Epperley directly were unsuccessful. Epperley’s family members did not cooperate with deputies during the course of the investigation. The matter was subsequently forwarded to the Child Abduction Unit of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office for review and filing of criminal charges. The District Attorney’s Office recently filed a complaint against Melissa Epperley on felony charges of kidnapping. A warrant in the amount of $650,000 has been issued for Epperley’s arrest. Anyone having information on the whereabouts of Melissa Epperley or her 3-year-old son, Anthony Tummarello, Jr., is requested to contact the Detective’s Bureau of the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station at (909) 866-0100. Information can also be reported anonymously by contacting WETIP at (800) 87-CRIME or online at www.wetip.com. Melissa Epperley is described as 5’7” tall, 115 lbs., with dark brown waist-length hair and brown eyes. Epperley is depicted with her son in the...

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Locals Share Their Experiences During the Dorner Case

Big Bear Lake, CA, February 12, 2014 – Today KBHR is airing the final installment of our retrospect on the case of Christopher Dorner. The three-minute segment airs at the top of every other hour on 93.3 FM, and features brief interviews with three Big Bear residents. They tell us what it was like to lead a school during a crisis, to be a concerned parent, and to get caught in the middle of a high speed car chase. On Monday, February 10, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office released a 59-page memo concluding that the deadly and non-deadly force used by law enforcement personnel in Angelus Oaks a year ago today was legally justified. The report reads, in part: All of the actions of law enforcement were legally justified based on the choices made by Christopher Dorner….It should also be pointed out that Dorner was not killed by law enforcement or by the fire in the cabin. Dorner had the opportunity to surrender or escape throughout this incident, up to and including the point at which the fire started. He had windows and doors that were available to him even several minutes after the fire started at the cabin. He chose to kill himself rather than surrender to law enforcement and face trial for his crimes. His death is not the result of the actions of the...

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County Gets Tougher On Impaired Drivers

Big Bear Lake, CA December 17, 2012 – In 2010, there were 221 deaths and 11,764 serious injuries as a result of DUI crashes in the County. The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office has started a Special DUI Prosecution Program, thanks to a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. The $230,000 grant will fund a Vertical Prosecution team to work cases from arrest through sentencing, on cases of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Those arrested for DUI in San Bernardino County, especially repeat offenders and those involved in fatal or injury crashes, can expect to face highly trained, specialized prosecutors. District Attorney Michael Ramos promised, “With this grant we will be able to add more resources to protect our citizens and ultimately hold those who decide to drink and drive responsible for their actions.” In fatal and major injury DUI vehicle collisions, members of the team may even start by going to the crash scene to be part of the investigation. Prosecution team members will work with the State’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program to increase the capabilities of the team and the office by obtaining and delivering specialized training, including training in the emerging problem of drug-impaired driving.  Team members will share information with peers and law enforcement personnel throughout the county and across the...

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