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Jeffries Road Apartment Complex Approval Goes Before Big Bear Lake Planning Commission Again; Public Hearing on June 2

Big Bear Lake, CA — Though no official action was taken on the proposed affordable apartment complex for Jeffries Road during last week’s Big Bear Lake Planning Commission meeting, the three of five Commissioners in attendance—VP Rich Lambert, Jim DeGroot and Craig Smith—did request project revisions from the developer National Core, Inc. Though the Planning Commission did move to continue the Public Hearing to their meeting of Wednesday, June 2, during which time the Conditional Use Permit will once again be considered, final contract approvals will still go before the City of Big Bear Lake’s City Council, which doubles as the Improvement Agency, the governing body that oversees the use of Redevelopment Funds which are designated for affordable workforce housing projects such as this. During the May 24 Council meeting, Jeffries Road neighbors contested many aspects of the project, slated to be built to the west of Big Bear Middle School. Of those concerns, the following revisions were issued to National Core by the Planning Commission during the May 26 meeting: save more trees, utilize less parking and move from the west side of almost three-acre parcel (which would otherwise back to Alpenhorn B&B), lower outdoor lighting to make it both dimmer and closer to ground, reduce apartment units from 59 to 53, construct sidewalk, curb and gutter from properties in Jeffries 500 block north to Big Bear Boulevard,...

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City Council Forwards Community Input on Affordable Apartment Complex to Planning Commission for Wednesday Vote

Big Bear Lake, CA — The bulk of last night’s meeting of the City Council of Big Bear Lake was focused on a discussion item pertaining to the proposed affordable apartment complex on Jeffries Road, the contract for which the City Council’s Improvement Agency approved in February; the developer of the project, National CORE, held a community meeting in Big Bear on May 8, to solicit input on the project, which was potentially slated to include 59 units on three acres across the street from Big Bear Middle School. Neighbors to the project voiced their protests to Council during the May 24 meeting, citing issues of density and noise, in addition to concerns related to the removal of trees on the 81,000 square foot space. Entering into the meeting, National CORE had reduced their proposal, to instead build 53 units and expand upon the community center for the project. In doing so, this could reduce the overall number of parking spaces, which was another concern of neighbors. As the City Council was not slated to take action on this item, they have directed the Planning Commission to address these issues (including an assessment of parking spaces needed) in their Wednesday meeting, when the project goes before them for a vote on the Conditional Use Permit. As pointed out by members of Council, the City of Big Bear Lake does...

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Planning Commission Approves Two of Three Items in May Meeting; Affordable Apartment Complex to Be Reviewed on the 26th

Big Bear Lake, CA — The JazzTrax Festival returns to Big Bear Lake, starting June 18 at the Marina Resort, given permit approval issued by the Planning Commission in their meeting of May 5. The Commission, led by Chairman Anne Zimmerman, also granted approval for an addition to Blauer’s Ski and Board Shop, located at 41177 Big Bear Boulevard; the existing 5,880 square foot building will be expanded by 1,700 square feet, and will include a second story for storage and office space. The Planning Commission also discussed the demolition of 12 existing cabins, on Jeffries Road across the street from Big Bear Middle School, to accommodate a 59-unit affordable apartment complex, the contract for which had been approved by the City Council’s Improvement Agency in February. This workshop/discussion item will receive additional review during the May 26 meeting of the Planning Commission. As noted last week, National CORE, the developer of the affordable apartment complex, held a community forum on May 8; community input and recommendations on the project will be incorporated into a presentation before the Planning Commission on May 26, though action may be held until the June 2...

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County Offers Online Auction of Tax-Defaulted Properties; Register by May 11

San Bernardino County will be offering an online sale of properties, starting May 15. According to the County’s Tax Collector Larry Walker, nearly 1,000 tax-defaulted properties will be available in the online auction, which opens for bidding on Saturday, May 15 and closes with staggered dates, May 17 through 21st. In order to participate, deposits are due by May 11, and all potential buyers must pre-register to bid; to do so, visit MyTaxCollector.com. The website also provides tax information, maps and other due diligence material on the sites, which will be offered at prices ranging from $800 to $269,950. “The benefit of a tax sale auction,” says Tax Collector Walker, “is getting tax-defaulted properties back into tax paying status to generate revenue for the County. Winning bidders have the opportunity to buy real estate at potentially reduced...

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Rite Aid’s May Closure Prompts Some Issues for Employees of Stater Bros. and Vons

Big Bear Lake, CA — The ice cream counter at Rite Aid has been a fun summer staple in Big Bear Lake since the mid-1970s when the store was a brand-new Thrifty, one of the original anchor stores, along with Safeway and Sprouse Reitz, of the Interlaken Center on Big Bear Boulevard. The retail location has been a Rite Aid since 1997, when the Pennsylvania-based corporation purchased a thousand Thrifty and Payless stores, but the Big Bear location will be closing in May, with a May 7 closure of the Rite Aid pharmacy. According to Eric Harkreader, spokesman for the Rite Aid Corporation, “On the one hand, our lease was up, but it is still a business decision and one that, like many retailers, we evaluate our operations from time to time, to make sure that our stores make good financial sense. Sometimes it is beneficial to the company to close underperforming stores.” Though a definitive close date has not yet been named for the store, the pharmacy will close on May 7, at which time Rite Aid customers will have their prescriptions transferred to CVS, the pharmacy just a few doors to the south. The redirect of pharmacy clients to CVS does not make for an easy transition for Stater Bros. and Vons employees who belong to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, however. In a conversation...

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