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Airport District Grants Easement for Construction of Big Bear Disposal Facility

Big Bear City, CA — The Board of Directors for the Big Bear Airport District, led by third-round President Jay Obernolte, convened for their monthly meeting this week and, among other items, addressed three ongoing topics. Among those, the revised Directors Policy Manual, which also outlines committee responsibilities, was approved. Airport staff, led by General Manager Pete Gwaltney, is working on updating the personnel manual and will then draft the airport’s first operations manual, which will be a go-to guide in the case of fire, fuel spill or other emergency. The Airport Board also completed their portion of terms and agreements with regard to the shared ownership of the airport building with Evergreen Properties (which owns 76% of the building, specifically the second floor and the two south wings). Upon completion of the preparations for the condo map, Evergreen will submit to the County, thereby opening the doors for potential transfer of ownership (of buildings, not the airport itself). The third ongoing item was with regard to comments made by Marge McDonald and printed in The Grizzly; though McDonald was not present this round, Director Butch Waymire reiterated the airport’s request for a retraction of erroneous comments by McDonald. The Airport District Board also took a field trip, across the runway, during the meeting of July 7. In response to an easement request, to allow for North Shore drainage...

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County’s Annual Property Assessment Roll Decreases by 4.5 Percent; Declines for Big Bear Average 2.1 Percent

San Bernardino County, CA — San Bernardino County’s annual property assessment roll was signed by Assessor Dennis Draeger last week, and calculated a –4.5 percent net decrease in value for the nearly 820,000 parcels, totaling a value of nearly $163 billion, as compared to the assessment roll for the prior fiscal year. The Assessor’s office reviewed approximately 250,000 residential properties for decline in market value conditions and, ultimately, removed more than $4.6 billion in value from the County’s assessment roll which, for many taxpayers, will result in a savings of hundreds of dollars on their tax bills this year. Unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County saw an average decrease of –7.7 percent, while declines for the Big Bear area averaged –2.1 percent, per the office of the...

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Escrow Closes on New Zoo Property; Community Input on Relocation Project to Be Sought in August or September

Big Bear Lake, CA — County Supervisor Neil Derry has just announced the purchase of a 10.4 acre parcel of land in lower Moonridge, to relocate and expand the Moonridge Animal Park, as escrow on the $2 million property closed this week. For nearly a decade, the zoo relocation project has been in various stages of discussion and implementation with action in earnest occurring over the last five years, per Derry’s office. The parcel was financed with San Bernardino County funds that had been set aside over several years, as well as matching state funds from Proposition 40. Various bureaucratic obstacles had impeded progress on the project, per a statement issued by Supervisor Derry, and the county was at risk of losing the state’s matching funds had it not acted. Per Derry, “The zoo was a pipeline project in grave danger when I took office and I expressed my commitment and support for the relocation to the curator and county staff. This was a true collaborative effort, and I am very proud of the results and excited about the zoo’s future.” The Moonridge Animal Park, home to over 150 birds and animals, is one of only two alpine zoos in the country and is entirely self-sufficient, via ticket sales and fundraising efforts overseen by the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District. In its current location, at the south...

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City Council Terminates Agreement to Build Affordable Apartment Complex on Jeffries Road

Big Bear Lake, CA — The 53-unit, three-story affordable apartment complex proposed for Jeffries Road, on the almost three-acre parcel that is currently home to 12 cabins across the street from Big Bear Middle School, will not be moving forward, per a decision made by the City Council of Big Bear Lake in their meeting last night (June 28). This decision was not entirely made based on concerns of neighbors, however, but due to changes in the tax credit market and the additional subsidies that would be required from the City’s Improvement Agency, which would effectively amount to $7.7 million from the IA’s low-to-moderate housing fund. As explained by the City’s Redevelopment Director Lyle Haynes, who is working to develop the state-mandated 193 units of affordable housing for the City prior to a July 2012 deadline, “We feel that [the $7.7 million] is simply too high for development of this size and scope. It is not a reflection of [developer] National Core. It is just that the tax credit market is so down right now, it is not feasible to proceed.” Already, the City has fronted roughly $150,000 on the project, which is one of a few in the pipeline as the affordable housing is required to off-set other funding used for other redevelopment projects, including upgrades to the Village and the Moonridge business district. To the packed Hofert...

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Though City Council Holds on Jeffries Road Apartment Complex Decision, Neighbors Voice Their Concerns During Public Hearing

Big Bear Lake, CA — At the onset of yesterday evening’s Big Bear Lake City Council meeting, it was announced to a packed Hofert Hall that the agenda item pertaining to the affordable apartment complex on Jeffries Road would be held until Council’s June 28 meeting. Though no action was to be taken, per a request from the developer National Core of Rancho Cucamonga, to hold for two weeks, neighbors of the project waited through a Forest Care presentation, City and Improvement Agency budget approvals, PowerPoints by city staff and other items, to address Council during the June 14 Public Hearing for the affordable housing project, which remained on the agenda. Eleven community members—from Linda Carpenter, owner of the adjacent Alpenhorn B&B, to 62-year resident Richard LeRoy to new resident Monica Kesslar, who closed escrow in the neighborhood just weeks ago—politely contested and questioned the proposed project, especially given traffic impacts as it is across the street from Big Bear Middle School, home to Big Bear’s only football field. Residents on Pennsylvania Avenue voiced concerns that, given the new affordable housing complex The Crossings on Knickerbocker, that they would be “sandwiched” between two affordable housing projects, thereby subject to increased traffic and likely reducing their home value, when it was yet unclear whether the City would need this many affordable housing units, particularly the over 50 units proposed for...

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