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Prescribed Burn on Angelus Oaks Understory Burn Project

Fire crews from the San Bernardino National Forest will be conducting burn operations in the vicinity of Angelus Oaks this week.  Smoke may be visible in the Big Bear Valley and along Highway 38 from Big Bear to Mentone.  Forest road 1N12 will be closed during certain phases of the project to ensure public and firefighter safety.  Crews will attempt to burn approximately 35 acres during the week, weather permitting.  After each active burn day, staff will continue to monitor at night.  The Angelus Oaks Understory Burn Project will help reduce the risk of wildfire within the community of...

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Prescribe Burn in Angelus Oaks

Big Bear, CA, April 24th, 2016 – Forest Service Fire crews are planning to burn approximately 12 acres as part of the Angelus Oaks Fuel Reduction project.  Weather and conditions permitting, firefighters are planning to start the burning project as early as Tuesday next week. The project area will be divided into two sections along road 1N12 immediately north of the Angelus Oaks community.  Smoke and flames will be visible to residents and motorists along State Route 38 and may be visible from other mountain communities and highways. Firefighters will be using a technique called “hand burning” using a variety of tools such...

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Prescribed Burns Protect Our Forests

Big Bear, CA, November 29th, 2015 – Everyone wants to preserve and enjoy Big Bear’s pristine beauty, while protecting the ecosystem which has made the jewel of Southern California so special.  With the arrival of winter weather, the U.S. Forest Service will begin prescribed burn operations on the San Bernardino National Forest.  Winter burns are part of a continuing effort to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and improve forest health.  Prescribed burns are intended to reduce the amount of vegetation which can carry fire from the forest floor into the treetops. Prescribed burns stimulate the growth of grasses, forbs and shrubs that provide food for deer, mountain quail and other wildlife.  Burns are conducted in coordination with the National Weather Service and South Coast Air Quality Management District. The public may also see smoke from pile burning activities in several San Bernardino National Forest locations in Big Bear and the south side of Big Bear Lake during the next several months.  Prescribed burns will also take place in the San Jacinto Mountains. For more information call the Big Bear Ranger...

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