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‘Postage Due’ SCAM ALERT

  Big Bear, CA, October 22, 2015 – Seniors are being specifically targeted in a ‘Postage Due’ scam to obtain bank account and credit card information. Scam artists are delivering official looking notices to mailboxes stating that a package is being held pending payment of the postage due. The fraudulent notice provides a telephone number that belongs to the scam artists. If you call, they inform you that they will deliver the package as soon as you pay the postage due, plus a delivery and/or processing fee. They request your bank account or credit card information to make it ‘more convenient’ for you to pay the amount due. The charges may be nominal, but now they have your financial information. The following tips can help you protect yourself from this type of scam. Never give out your bank account or credit card information. Never wire money or use a pre-paid debit card. Keep track of everything you order and the contact information of the seller. Never react quickly to a request for money. Do not feel pressured by a due date on an unsolicited notice or package. If you receive something you did not order, contact your local Post Office. Do not call the number on the notice. If you think you may be a victim of a scam, contact San Bernardino County Adult Protective Services at (877)565-2020, or...

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Postal Service Announces No Changes To San Bernardino Mail Processing Operations

Redlands, CA, February 24, 2012, 1:00pm – As a result of a study that began five months ago at the San Bernardino Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) in Redlands, the Postal Service has determined there was no significant opportunity to improve efficiency or service through consolidation of mail processing operations, that means no changes will be made at this time. It has also been determined as a result of studies of eight other facilities in California that the Postal Service has decided to move all mail processing operations at these facilities to other locations. Once the transfers are completed, the mail processing operations at the eight other facilities will be terminated. Specific dates have not been set for the transitions and there will be no changes to any retail, business mail entry, or vehicle maintenance operations at those locations at this time. Last December, the Postal Service agreed to impose a moratorium on closing or consolidating Post Offices and mail processing facilities prior to May 15, in order to give Congress and the Administration the opportunity to enact an alternative plan. A list of mail processing studies and their status is available at usps.com/ourfuturenetwork. Specific information about individual studies, including public meeting summaries and summary briefs, is posted on the website usps.com/areamailprocessing as it becomes available. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP31374.mp3|titles=USPS...

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Postal Service To Study Mail Processing Operations In San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA, September 15, 2011, noon – The U.S. Postal Service plans to conduct a study at the San Bernardino Processing and Distribution Center to examine the feasibility of consolidating its operations into the Moreno Valley Delivery and Distribution Center. The study involves a review of mail processing and transportation operations to determine capacity needs within the postal network in order to increase efficiency and improve productivity. The study should be completed early next year and comes as the Postal Service faces one of the most difficult challenges in its history. Annual mail volume has declined by more than 43 billion pieces in the past 5 years and the decline continues. Even when the economy fully recovers, the Postal Service does not expect mail volume to return to previous peak levels, and is projecting annual deficits for the foreseeable future. Because the decline has created substantial excess mail processing capacity, the Postal Service is initiating studies to look at reducing the size of its mail processing network nationwide. If the feasibility study reveals an opportunity to consolidate mail processing operations, the Postal Service will hold a public meeting to explain the proposed operational changes and potential impacts on service, and to solicit public feedback which will then be considered before a final decision is...

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