National CORE Hosts Community Meeting for City of Big Bear Lake Proposed Affordable Housing Project

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th, a public hearing is scheduled for the proposed 59-unit affordable housing project on Jeffries Road in Big Bear Lake beginning at 12 noon.  The meeting, which is open to all community members, is being hosted by National Community Renaissance, also known as National CORE, to be held at the Big Bear Middle School … [Read more...]

Planning Commission, Airport District and School Board Meet on Wednesday

Big Bear Valley, CA -- There are three public meetings* scheduled for today (Wednesday, May 5), starting with this afternoon’s 1:15pm meeting of the Planning Commission for the City of Big Bear Lake. Items on the agenda, for the meeting to take place in Hofert Hall in the Big Bear Lake Civic Center, include a special event application for the … [Read more...]

City of Big Bear Lake Is a Go for May 21st Amgen Tour, Yet Pasadena Is Out for Stage 6 Start

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Amgen Tour of California will be cycling into Big Bear on Friday, May 21st and event permit approval was granted for such during yesterday’s meeting of the Planning Commission of Big Bear Lake. Though there were some conditions set forth by the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District, which the Planning Commission … [Read more...]

Planning Commission to Address Permits for May 21 & 22 Cycling Events in Wednesday Meeting; Airport District and Sugarloaf Roads Commission Also Meet This Week

Big Bear Valley, CA -- Two more public meetings take place tomorrow, those being the Big Bear Lake Planning Commission and the Board of Directors for the Big Bear Airport District. At 1:15 pm, April 7 in Hofert Hall in the Big Bear Lake Civic Center, the Planning Commission will consider two event permit requests, for the Amgen Tour of California, … [Read more...]

Planning Commission, Airport District, BVUSD and Municipal Water District Boards Meet This Week

Big Bear Valley, CA -- There are four more public meetings being held by local governing agencies in the coming days, the first of which is this afternoon’s Planning Commission meeting for the City of Big Bear Lake. In their 1:15 meeting in Hofert Hall, the Planning Commission led by Chair Anne Zimmerman will consider a request to install a … [Read more...]

Public Input Welcome on School District Budget and Non-Marina Kayak Rentals; BVUSD and MWD Meetings on Thursday

Big Bear Lake, CA -- This week’s meetings include opportunities for the public to comment, one among those being tomorrow afternoon’s Budget Advisory Committee meeting for the Bear Valley Unified School District. In a conversation with the school district’s Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright earlier this month, she told KBHR, “Because our … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake City Council Recognizes Firefighters, School District; New Housing Agreement Approved

Big Bear Lake Fire Captain John Arden (third from left, with Firefighter David Jayne, Chief Rod Ballard and Mayor Liz Harris) was celebrated for his contributions to the department over 20 years.

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Big Bear Lake firefighters were recognized during this week’s City Council meeting, in a presentation by Fire Chief Rod Ballard and Mayor Liz Harris. Those singled out for recognition and service pins were Captain John Arden and Firefighter David Jayne. Chief Ballard pointed out that Arden had been in Big Bear during the … [Read more...]

Steve Foulkes Retains Position as DWP Chairman, Per Thursday’s Unanimous Board Election

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Board of Commissioners for the Department of Water and Power convened for a special meeting yesterday morning, during which time board elections were conducted. However, all existing positions remain intact, so Steve Foulkes will continue as the chairman of the board for the DWP, Fred Miller remains as vice chairman and … [Read more...]

The Wednesday Morning Update: More Snow, More School, More Meetings

This week's third storm has arrived, blurring the "lakeview" as of Wednesday afternoon. Today's storm brings with it strong winds, with snow levels dropping to 4000 feet on Thursday.

Big Bear Valley, CA -- Valley-wide snow totals are now at 31 inches for the season, given the addition of six inches of snow (though more than a foot atop the ski resorts!) this week. Despite yesterday's snowfall, school is in session for all BVUSD students today. However, school buses may be running a little behind schedule today, given road … [Read more...]

Anne Zimmerman Retains Top Position on Planning Commission; Resort’s Building Requests Approved

In yesterday’s meeting of the Planning Commission for Big Bear Lake, the Commission voted to keep both Chairman Anne Zimmerman and Vice Chair Richard Lambert in their current posts. Commissioners for the City, who are appointed by the City Council, also include Jim DeGroot, Craig Smith and David Caretto. As compensation for their time at first … [Read more...]