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IRS Telephone Scam Alert

Big Bear, CA, November 6, 2015 – The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station has received numerous reports of a telephone scam wherein callers falsely identify themselves as representatives of the IRS and make demands for immediate payment of back taxes with Green Dot or other prepaid debit cards. These thieves use the IRS name to try to steal money or identities from targeted victims. They can be persuasive on the phone and sometimes use the threat of being audited, sued, or even arrested to trick their victims into transferring funds to them or providing personal information that is later used in identity theft cases. Culprits of this scam are also leaving voicemail messages stating that a lawsuit will be filed and directing the intended victim to contact the IRS at a bogus telephone number. If you receive this type of message, do not call the number, as it is part of the scam. Here are several tips from the IRS to help you avoid being a victim of these tax scams. The IRS will not: *Initiate contact with you by phone, e-mail, text or social media to ask for your personal or financial information. *Call you about taxes you owe without first mailing you a bill. *Call you and demand immediate payment. *Require that you pay your taxes via prepaid debit card. The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station encourages families to...

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DWP Telephone Scammers Hitting Big Bear Again

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 21, 2014 – Telephone scammers are at it again attempting to now swindle DWP customers in Big Bear.  Dani McGee of Big Bear Department of Water tells KBHR that beginning today several customers–mostly small business owners–have been called by people posing as DWP representatives. The callers try to pressure customers for information and a check to avoid having their water turned off. This scam is nearly identical to the phone scam that plagued Big Bear Valley in March of this year effecting electrical customers of Bear Valley Electric. Any customer suspecting a phone scam should hang up immediately the call the DWP  to verify their account status.  In addition reporting this to the Sheriffs department may aid in the investigation....

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Phone Scammers Hit Harder During Holiday Season. Protect Yourself

Big Bear, Ca, December 8, 2011, 1:00pm – Big Bear Valley Residents should take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from scams asking for personal information.  Recently residents in the Big Bear Valley have been called by people posing as their bank, and have been asked to give out personal bank information.  According to Public Information Officer for the Big Bear Sheriffs Station, Tiffany Swantek, scams like these go in cycles, and tend to become more frequent around the holiday season.  Scammers tend to target the elderly, so residents who have senior relatives in the valley, should remind them to never give out personal information on the telephone.  The Big Bear Sheriffs Station has the following tips to avoid becoming a victim of a scam:  Discard any solicitation that asks for payment for a “free” gift.  If it’s free, or a gift, you shouldn’t have to pay. Never give your credit card number or personal, financial or employment information unless you know who you are talking to. Discard any solicitation that doesn’t clearly identify the company and its street address and phone number. Pay particular attention if you’re asked to call a toll-free number for more information about a project or service.  Often, when you dial what you think is a toll-free number in response to a bogus solicitation, you are secretly connected to a pay-per-call 900...

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