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Pets and Fireworks

Big Bear, CA, July 3, 2014 – We will all be enjoying the spectacular fireworks show tomorrow night. That is, if you’re a human. But not so much if you’re a dog. Here at KBHR, we receive the most reports of dogs being lost after the fireworks display. Here are some things to consider before the festivities begin. First and foremost, don’t take your dog to a July 4th celebration. Even dogs who appear oblivious to loud noises can be affected by just one especially loud boom. Don’t assume that a dog who seems fine isn’t being affected by the noise. Sometimes you won’t see the symptoms until long after the event. Make sure your dog has identification on at all times just in case they run off. If you know you have a sound sensitive dog, plan ahead. Stay home if you can and keep your dog in a quiet place as far from exterior walls and windows as possible. Sometimes soothing music can help with anxiety and for truly serious cases, medication may be...

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Grant Available to Neuter Pit Bulls

San Bernardino County, CA, August 13, 2013 – The California Department of Food and Agriculture has awarded San Bernardino County  a $15,000 grant to help pet owners to spay and neuter Pit Bull breeds. Over 14,000 animals were admitted to the County’s animal shelter system last year, and the majority of them were Pit Bulls. This award marks the third year in a row that the County has received grant funds from the Department of Food and Agriculture. County Animal Care & Control currently provides $50 vouchers to pet owners in unincorporated areas to spay or neuter their dogs.  With this grant award, eligible Pit Bull owners will receive an additional $30 voucher, bringing the total savings to $80 per Pit Bull.  Agency chief Brian Cronin stated “this is a wonderful opportunity for the owners of Pit Bull type dogs to have their pets sterilized at a significantly reduced rate and to allow the owners of Pit Bull type dogs the opportunity to comply with the County’s mandatory Pit Bull sterilization ordinance.” Supervisor Josie Gonzales added, “As pet owners, we have to take responsibility for our animals – that includes spaying or neutering our pets.” Every year, thousands of animals come through the County’s shelter system.  If we can reduce that number, we will not only generate savings for taxpayers, we will reduce the number of animals euthanized and help increase pet adoptions.” For...

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Pets & Pyrotechnics: Plan Ahead

Big Bear Lake, CA, July 3, 2013 – While most of us are looking forward to one of the top-rated fireworks shows in California this Thursday, the boom of pyrotechnics can terrify cats and dogs. This severe anxiety often takes the form of uncontrollable shaking, panting, clawing, and frantic meowing or barking. But in some cases, an animal’s reaction to these stressful sounds can pose a real danger to its safety. Veterinarians say that every year, frightened pets break through glass doors, bolt into traffic, go into convulsions, and even experience cardiac arrest. If you’re not able to stay home with your pets to help keep them calm with a hug, consider giving them a sedative from a vet or using compression...

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Keep Canines Cool as Temperatures Rise

Big Bear Lake, CA, June 29, 2013 – With record heat expected in Big Bear over the next few days, the San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program reminds pet owners to be extra watchful of pets. Pets are vulnerable to high temperatures, especially during a heat wave, and are unable to cool down their bodies as humans can. Animals left outside in high heat temperatures can suffer from heat-related stress, burned paws, sunburn, and even death. Pet owners are advised to follow these simple hot weather tips to keep their pets healthy, safe and alive. ·  Make sure pets have plenty of fresh clean water every day and that the water container is stable to avoid tipping over. If traveling or leaving the home with a pet, always carry sufficient drinking water for it. ·  Bring pets inside during the hot time of the day and let them rest in a cool part of the house. ·  Make certain pets have plenty of shade if they are to be kept outside. Remember, the shade your pets have in the morning will either change or diminish as the sun moves throughout the day and may not protect them. ·  Never leave pets in a parked vehicle, even in the shade with windows cracked, temperatures can reach a dangerous 120 degrees inside. The vehicle is quickly turned into a...

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