Texting While Driving Number One Killer Of Teens

Big Bear Lake, CA, April 6, 2012, noon – In 2010, the number of traffic fatalities in California dropped to the lowest level since 1944. The success can be attributed in part to safety improvements on highways made by Caltrans, along with safety programs like Slow for the Cone Zone and Safe Routes to Schools. April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month, a critical time to reflect upon the consequences of distractions when you’re behind the wheel, especially the dangers of texting and driving. While the decline in traffic related deaths is good news, the Texting Awareness Foundation (TAF), a national non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy to stop texting and driving, wants to remind everyone that texting while driving is the number one killer of teenagers. When a driver is texting, steering capability decreases by 91%. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP31453.mp3|titles=Distracted Driving Awareness]...

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Include A Designated Driver In Your Starting Lineup This Weekend

San Bernardino, CA, January 30, 2012, 8:00am – The San Bernardino County Avoid the 25 DUI Campaign is reminding football fans watching the Super Bowl game with friends and family to make the right decision before kickoff and include a designated driver in your game plan. Law Enforcement joins with the national “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” message from the National Football League (NFL), the California office of Traffic Safety (OTS), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition. The Avoid the 25, DUI Task Force will deploy special patrols on Sunday (February 5th) in several communities throughout the area looking to stop and arrest drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.  The DUI patrols will be looking for the tale-tell signs of an intoxicated driver behind the wheel. The patrols are funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP31315.mp3|titles=DUI...

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Avoid DUI Task Force Deploys Extra Patrols For Cinco de Mayo

San Bernardino, CA, May 5, 2011 – Cinco de Mayo means gathering with friends and co-workers for salsa, chips and Margaritas, celebrating California’s rich cultural diversity.  It is also a night when dangerous and often deadly outcomes occur because another impaired driver hits the road drunk.  The San Bernardino County Avoid the 25 DUI Task Force will be deploying overtime patrols onto city streets while CHP will be saturating the freeways and unincorporated communities.  They will be looking for the signs of a drunk driver to stop and test, and they’ll arrest those who have had too much alcohol. Everyone, including hosts, local bars and restaurants, must be sure to promote designated sober drivers in advance, before the ‘Fiesta’ begins. Plan ahead with these common sense tips. Arrange rides home for your friends, family, co-workers and yourself before the drinking begins. Identify and provide free non-alcoholic drinks to the Designated Driver. Party hosts and servers must limit the number of drinks given to your guests or patrons.  Don’t serve more than one or two drinks over several hours. Cut back on the amount of drinks you plan to bring to the party – and provide plenty of food. If you see dangerous driving, Report Drunk Drivers – Call 9-1-1. Avoid the 25 DUI Task Force funding is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through...

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