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Re-Broadcast Of MWD & Airport District Forums On K-BEAR

Big Bear City, CA, November 4, 2012, 7am – The Lighthouse Project and the Chamber of Commerce hosted a series of candidate forums for this November’s local elections. If you were unable to attend the forum featuring the Big Bear Lake Municipal Water District and the forum featuring the Big Bear City Airport District, you can listen to a re-broadcast of the candidate forums on K-Bear tonight. Hear the MWD candidates talk about their positions on local issues immediately following the news at 5pm, and listen to the Big Bear City Airport District candidates discuss the issues tonight after the news at 6pm on K-BEAR...

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As Temperatures Drop, Stay Off The Lake Ice

Big Bear, Ca, November 14, 2011, 12:00pm – As the weather gets colder in Big Bear Valley, the Big Bear Municipal Water District is reminding everyone of the dangers of walking on lake ice. Not only can it cost you your life, it can cost you money, and jeopardize the safety of rescuers. Every winter the San Bernardino County Sheriff and MWD receive calls related to people walking on lake ice, and although there have not been any reportable incidents in many years, the potential for disaster is there. Water temperatures in Big Bear Lake during the winter months can average between 35 to 40 degrees even when there’s no ice. If you end up in the water, you could be unconscious in less than 15 minutes. Not only are people at risk, your pets are too. Our local Fire Departments have rescued several dogs over the years that have ventured out unattended and not on a leash. Throughout the winter it is not uncommon to see Big Bear Lake Fire, Big Bear City Fire and San Bernardino County Fire training for ice rescues. Please remember to STAY OFF LAKE ICE, it’s against the law, you will be fined up to $500, and you could lose your life. If you see anyone on the ice, call 911 and report it...

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Lake Temperatures Are Getting Colder, Boat With Care

Big Bear, Ca, November 2, 2011, 1:00pm – Lake temperatures are dropping, and the Municipal Water District encourages you to be safe when boating, kayaking or canoeing this time of year.  Currently lake temperatures are in the low 50’s, and according to the MWD will drop another 4 or 5 degrees with the cold weather that is approaching.  The west boat ramp is already closed for the season, and the east boat ramp will close on November 30th.  The lake never officially closes, however boaters are encouraged to take caution on the water with the colder temperatures, especially when ice starts to form on the surface of the...

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Small Spill Near East Boat Ramp

Big Bear, Ca, September 22, 2011, 12:00pm – If you have been over to the East Boat Ramp on the Northshore of Big Bear Lake recently you may have noticed signs urging swimmers to stay out of the water.  Early Tuesday morning, east boat ramp workers showed up at 7:00am to open up the ramp, and noticed some sewage was leaking near the building, and some had gone in the water.  The Big Bear Area Wastewater Agency immediately responded and found a small leak in a pipe at the boat ramp.  By 7:30am the leak had been contained and fixed.  According to Joe Hanford, BBARWA Plant Superintendent, the leak was estimated to be 100 gallons of sewage that went into the lake.  While that may seem like a lot to you, Scott Heule at the MWD told KBHR that this amount is actually very small when you look at the size of the lake.  An acre foot is 325,000 gallons, and currently there are 70,000 acre feet, meaning there is 22,750,000,000 gallons of water in the lake, which means the 100 gallon spill was very insignificant.  Hanford told KBHR that the only problem with the spill is that it happened in a small bay, which means the spill was contained, however yesterdays water samples show that the water in the bay is already cleaning up, and by tomorrow that...

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