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Fireworks in Big Bear: The Best in SoCal

Big Bear, CA, June 28, 2014 – On Friday July 4th, Big Bear residents and visitors to our valley will be treated to one of the largest and most unique fireworks displays in all of southern California. Shot from a barge in the lake, the fireworks are brilliant in our clear mountain air and we get the added bonus of their reflections on the water. The Big Bear Rotary Club and especially longtime valley resident Skip Suhay, who passed away in May, have been coordinating this display for over 20 years. They’ve seen it grow from a small display shot from the peninsula at the end of Pine Knot to the huge show it is today which will feature over 400 shells shot into the sky from a 100 foot long barge anchored in the middle of the lake. According to family members and fellow Rotarians, the annual fireworks show was Skip’s passion. Every year he looked forward to making the show more memorable and better than the year before. He worked closely with MWD, the various marinas, and the pyrotechnic specialists to make sure it was the best show possible. This year, Skip’s son Andy will be at the helm of the Rotary Club’s Fireworks Committee. The fireworks can be seen from many vantage points in the valley including from the lake itself. In fact, anywhere you can...

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The Ongoing Evolution of Stanfield Marsh

Big Bear Lake, CA, June 21, 2014 – A favorite scenic spot in Big Bear is the Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Habitat that extends east from Stanfield Cutoff. Visitors can park in the southwest corner, stop by the wooden gazebo acting as an informational kiosk, then stroll along the water on the wooden walkway. The wooden walkway has a dual purpose: to encourage pedestrians to avoid the highway, and to provide cover for nesting waterfowl. But waterfowl didn’t always have such a haven. In 1982, the Big Bear Municipal Water District (MWD) designated the 145 acre Marsh as a wildlife preserve. Today the many beneficiaries of the project include aquatic species, wetland species, winteríng and breeding waterfowl, wintering bald eagles, Osprey and summer resident and potentially nesting pelicans. The best time of day for people to visit the Preserve for wildlife watching is early morning or late afternoon when the ducks and fish are looking for food. The Marsh is separated from the main body of the Lake by the highway bridge, and the water flows back and forth between the two bodies of water through the permeable structure under the bridge and three culvert pipes. Because the Marsh was found to be one of the most manageable sites in the Valley for ecological enhancement, sensitive land acquisition, education, recreation and scenic beauty, a joint project with the Natural...

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Municipal Water District Turns 50 This Year

Big Bear Valley, CA, April 26, 2014 – Happy anniversary to the Big Bear Municipal Water District (MWD), which turns 50 this year! The agency was founded in 1964 to stabilize the water levels for wildlife and recreation in southern California’s most popular lake. When Bear Valley Mutual Water Company constructed the original Bear Valley Dam in 1884, it was to create a reservoir for irrigating orange groves downstream. So when the MWD later bought the dam along with the lake’s bottom and surface, they became responsible for providing the necessary water to Mutual’s stockholders–an obligation that continues even after much of the farmland has been converted to housing. This water can be in the form of lake releases, but more often, it’s through the “In-Lieu Water Program”, in which the MWD pays the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District to provide the water. That helps accomplish the mission of stabilizing lake levels, since without the In-Lieu Water Program, we’d lose up to 65,000 acre feet of water each decade–a considerable impact on a lake with a storage capacity of 73,370 acre feet. Now, the main variable is weather conditions. After the record-dry 2013-2014 winter, for example, the lake is currently eight feet below full. There are still plenty of ways to recreate, though. The East Public Launch Ramp is open for boating season, and the West Public Launch...

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Saturday kicks off a season of shoreline care

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 10, 2013 – The Big Bear Municipal Water District invites the public to their annual Adopt-a-Shoreline kickoff event; it’s scheduled for Saturday, May 11 at 9:00 a.m. at the MWD Headquarters (40524 Lakeview Drive). Volunteers will receive a t-shirt, hat and cleaning supplies to help beautify one of the most heavily used recreations areas in Big Bear...

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Help preserve Big Bear Lake’s beauty

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 2, 2013 – The Big Bear Municipal Water District has scheduled their annual Adopt-a-Shoreline Kickoff event for 9:00 a.m. on May 11 at the District office (40524 Lakeview Drive). The lake shore is one of the most heavily used recreational areas in the valley, so litter is a constant concern. The  program recruits volunteers to commit to keeping a section of the shoreline or a trash can area clean throughout the season. Volunteers will receive an Adopt-a-Shoreline t-shirt, hat and cleaning supplies. If you can’t make the May 11 event, you can sign up by emailing Adam Williams...

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