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MWD Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Big Bear, CA, August 16, 2014 – In the late 1950s and early 1960s, southern California was in the midst of an extended drought. Due to large demands on water from Big Bear Lake for irrigation down the hill, the lake had been reduced to little more than a large mud puddle. Although the dam was originally constructed to provide irrigation water for the Redlands and San Bernardino areas, the extensive recreational community of Big Bear decided to attempt to gain control of the lake since recreation on the water requires a reasonably stable lake level. In 1964, by an overwhelming vote, the people of Big Bear Lake created the Big Bear Municipal Water District with the express purpose of stabilizing the level of the lake. The new MWD Board of Directors got right to work. A thirteen year legal battle ensued which finally led to an out of court settlement where for 4.7 million dollars , the MWD acquired title to the dam, the lake bottom, and the surface recreation rights of Big Bear Lake. The solution to satisfying irrigation interests downstream as well as maintaining lake levels is that each year the Bear Valley Mutual Water Company determines irrigation needs and estimates the demand on Big Bear Lake to meet those needs. The MWD then has the option of either releasing water from the lake or supplying...

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The Drought’s Effect on Big Bear Lake

Fawnskin, CA, March 9, 2014 – Some of the most visible effects of the current drought are the beaches springing up around Big Bear Lake’s 22 miles of shoreline–new patches of sand that fishermen and picnicking families are making the most of. Even after picking up over ten inches of precipitation in the recent storm system, the water level was still 7’ 10” below full, compared with being just 4 1/2 feet down at this time last year. In fact, the last time the lake was full was the spring of 2011. The mission of the Municipal Water District (MWD) is to stabilize lake levels for recreation and wildlife. Part of that means setting limits on the amount of water that can be used as snowmaking. Big Bear Mountain Resorts is allowed to withdraw 11,000 acre feet of water in any 10-year period, not to exceed 1,300 acre feet in any single year. As a point of reference, the lake’s total storage capacity is 73,370 acre feet. About half of the water borrowed to make snow returns to the lake, so the biggest net reduction in the lake’s surface area would be roughly 1%. That’s assuming conditions are even cold enough to make snow, though. Thanks to this winter’s warm temperatures, Big Bear Mountain Resorts has only been able to use half its maximum yearly allotment.  If you’d like...

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Hear Local Candidates Forums On K-BEAR

Big Bear Lake, CA, September 24,2012, 6:00am – The Lighthouse Project and the Chamber of Commerce are hosting a series of candidate forums for this November’s local elections. If you were unable to attend the first forum on September 19th featuring the Municipal Water District, you can listen to the candidate forum on K-Bear tonight. Hear the candidates talk about their positions on local issues immediately following the news at 6pm, tonight on K-BEAR...

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Big Bear Municipal Water District Board Of Directors Vacancy

Big Bear Lake, CA, August 6, 2012, noon – The Board of Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District is currently soliciting letters of interest from persons wanting to fill the vacant Division 2 seat on the board. Division 2 includes the western half of the City of Big Bear Lake, and all of the City area south of the boulevard from Jefferies east, including upper Moonridge. The vacancy was created by the sad passing of Director Paula Fashempour on July 9. The board intends to appoint a replacement for the balance of her term, which runs through December 2014. Interested persons residing in Division 2 should submit a letter of interest to the attention of President John Eminger at the MWD office on Lakeview Drive by Friday August 10, 2012. Letters of interest should include the following information. The name and physical residence address of the applicant. A summary of occupational background. A description of the applicant’s history in Big Bear, including when the applicant moved to Big Bear, activities and volunteer work the applicant is involved in, the particular interests concerning the work of the MWD, and why the applicant wants to become a Director on the MWD board. The board intends to make an appointment to fill the vacant seat at the board meeting on September 6, 2012. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP316261.mp3|titles=MWD Board Vacancy – Mike Evans Reporting]...

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Candidacy Papers Available For Local Elections

Big Bear Valley, CA, July 16, 2012, 3:00pm – If you’re interested in occupying one of the open seats in the November Election, there are 17 seats in Big Bear Valley that need to be filled. There are seats open on the City of Big Bear Lake City Council, the Municipal Water District, the Big Bear City Community Service District, the Bear Valley Unified School District, and the Big Bear City Airport District. Anyone interested in running for public office must file papers at the Registrar of Voters office before the deadline, which is 5pm Friday, August 10. For more information about the election contact the Elections Office at 387-8300.  ...

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