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All Local Schools on Lock Down or Modified Lock Down

Big Bear, CA, February 12, 2013 – According to the Bear Valley Unified School District, Big Bear High School, Chautaugua High School and Baldwin Lane are on full lock down as of approximately 1pm today.  All other schools are on-hold, or modified lock down, until more information is known about police activity in the Dorner investigation off of Highway 38.  The school buses are on-hold as well.  BVUSD is requesting that parents do not go to the school sites to retrieve their...

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Big Bear, CA, February 7, 2013 – According to Kurt Madden, Superintendent of Bear Valley Unified School District, ALL Big Bear Schools are under lock down until more information is known about the police activity underway in the Big Bear Valley.  More information will be available shortly as to when parents will be able to pick up their...

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Unconfirmed Reports Authorities Are In the Search for Christopher Dorner In Big Bear

Big Bear, CA, February 7, 2013 – UPDATE: February 7, 2013 – All Bear Valley Schools are under lock down, including North Shore Elementary School which was previously reported to have been released early.  School Superintendent Kurt Madden says there will be a normal dismissal today, even though the schools are currently on lockdown. Buses will be running as normal. Although unconfirmed, it appears that authorities are searching for Christopher Dorner in the Big Bear Valley.       It is also believed, though unconfirmed, that the vehicle discovered this morning set on fire near Bear Mountain is that of Dorner’s.   A command post has been established at Bear Mountain’s parking lot and three helicopters are in the air in search of the suspect.  A “Blue Alert” has been issued for Christopher Dorner who is suspected as the shooter in multiple killings, most recently of ambushing two Riverside police officers in the early hours this morning.  A “Blue Alert” is a national notification system providing the means to speed the apprehension of violent criminals who kill law enforcement officers.   Christopher Dorner is described as a black male, 6 feet tall, weighing 270 pounds with brown eyes and black hair.  He is considered armed and extremely...

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