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Paula Fashempour Assumes MWD Presidency, Making Her First Woman to Do So in District’s 45-Year History

The Big Bear Municipal Water District’s appointment of Division 2 Director Paula Fashempour as president is history-making as, per General Manager Scott Heule, “She is the first woman to be president for the district in 45 years, which is an exciting thing. Paula will bring a unique perspective to the presidency, as would any new president.” Though Fashempour is the MWD’s first female president, she is not the first female director to serve on the board that also includes Vice President Skip Suhay, John Eminger, Vince Smith and Todd Murphy; and, in fact, prior to Heule’s appointment as GM in 2007, 21-year MWD employee Sheila Hamilton had been general manager of the agency which oversees the lake. Heule tells KBHR that the January 7 board reorganization meeting was upbeat, and also included some fee modifications for the 2010 boating season. Among those changes, the daily use fee for non-motorized vessels, including sailboats under 8’, has been reduced to $15 (which includes the $5 Quagga Protection Surcharge, first imposed by the district in 2009, to recover costs associated with keeping the invasive Quagga Mussel from infecting Big Bear Lake). Though the daily use fee for Big Bear Lake has been reduced, the district moved to increase the permit fees for film production, from $150 to $170, and still photography permits, noting that this is consistent with fees charged by the...

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Reminder: It Is Illegal and Unsafe to Go Out on the Lake Ice

It is not only unsafe, but illegal to go out on to the lake ice. The ice on Big Bear Lake never gets strong enough or thick enough to safely support those who walk on it and, should you or your pet fall through the ice, hypothermia is a real threat as the lake temperature is in the low 30s this week. If found out on the lake ice, you could be ticketed by either Lake Patrol of the Big Bear Municipal Water District or Big Bear Sheriff’s Station deputies, resulting in fines up to $500; local Citizens on Patrol volunteers will also be patrolling for violators. So, please don’t jeopardize your safety, or that of rescue personnel, by venturing out on to the ice on Big Bear Lake or Baker Pond. In the case of emergency, please call 911 and, if you see others on the ice, please warn them of the...

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MWD Extends Dock Length Allowance for Eagle Point Area; Test Policy in Place for 2010

Those with boat docks in the Eagle Point area will be given opportunity to extend those boat docks in the coming year, given Municipal Water District Board approval for the new test policy in their meeting on Thursday. At present, all Big Bear Lake dock lengths are to be within the 70 foot regulation, though for calendar year 2010, MWD will allow lakeshore docks, from Swim Beach east to Eagle Point Estates, to extend to 125 feet, with an additional 50% cost on top of the existing annual fee of $310. Per Lake Manager Mike Stephenson, if two neighboring docks extend to 200 feet, which will be allowable in the test policy area in 2010, each dock owner will be charged the $310 annual fee, without the additional cost for single docks extending beyond the standard 70 feet; three neighboring docks sharing a gangway will be allowed up to 300 feet, if not into navigable water, which will be determined by MWD staff. In other news from the MWD meeting of December 17, the MWD Board of Directors, under the direction of President Todd Murphy, also agreed to an $8,000 expenditure, to be taken from the Lake Improvement fund, to provide 50% of matching costs for bear-proof trash cans along the North Shore. The other portion of funds will be provided by the U.S. Forest Service, through a grant,...

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It’s Just a Drill: Big Bear City Firefighters Do Ice Rescue Training Off Stanfield Cutoff Today

The Big Bear City Fire Department will be training on ice and cold-water rescue in the area of Stanfield Cutoff today; training was scheduled to begin at 9am and will continue through the day. Passers-by are reminded that this is just a drill if you see emergency personnel doing rescue operations on the lake ice. Per a statement released by the Big Bear City Fire Department: “Fire crews train on a regular basis for the possible scenario of someone that has fallen through the ice. The Municipal Water District’s Lake Patrol will also be on scene to watch the operations. ‘Stay Off Lake Ice’ signs are posted all around the lakeshore warning people of the danger. Anyone observed walking on lake ice is subject to a fine.  Rescuing individuals or animals that have fallen through the ice is very risky business for both the victim and rescuer. Everyone is reminded to ‘Stay Off Lake Ice’ and keep their pets away from the danger as well. Even though fire crews are fully trained and prepared to respond, does not mean we want to have to put their expertise to use.” But, again, if you see emergency personnel on the lake ice near Stanfield Cutoff today, know that this is just a training drill being undertaken by the Big Bear City Fire...

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Volunteers Remove 718 Pounds of Trash from Lake’s Shoreline in 10th Annual CleanUp Day

From the Mexico border to Oregon, the 25th annual California Coastal CleanUp included, statewide, nearly 70,000 volunteers on Saturday. In the Big Bear Valley, the September 19 effort was the 10th annual cleanup day for Big Bear Lake’s shoreline. Local event coordinator Alan Sharp of Big Bear Marina says that there was a smaller than usual volunteer turnout this year, though 174 volunteers did contribute to the effort, and removed 718 pounds of trash and 147 pounds of recyclable material from 12 miles of the lake’s shoreline. This year’s largest volunteer group was from Ontario, California—88 seventh and eighth grade students from Ray Wiltsey Middle School came to Big Bear to pick up trash all morning, before enjoying lunch at the park. According to the California Coastal Commission, data suggests that 60 to 80 percent of debris on beaches and shorelines comes from inland sources, traveling through storm drains or creeks; that said, the Commission asks all Californians to take responsibility for making sure trash goes where it belongs, in a trash can, recycling bin, or hazardous waste dump when...

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