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L.A. Man in Wednesday’s Canoeing Incident on Cedar Lake Dies in Loma Linda Hospital

Big Bear Lake, CA — Yesterday afternoon’s police activity, including helicopters, over Cedar Lake Camp in western Big Bear Lake was prompted by a canoe that had capsized at about 1:30pm. Two men had been in the vessel and one, 29-year-old Lashun Curtis Robertson of Los Angeles, at the camp for a retreat with a group from Los Angeles Mission, sank about 15 feet under the water, though was rescued by a Sheriff’s Department team diver in the 3pm hour, who located him about 30 feet from the dock in the frigid water. Robertson was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center for medical treatment where, per a report from the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office this morning, he was pronounced dead at 6:16pm on May 19. Per reports from both the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station and the Coroner’s Office, Robertson did not know how to swim, and yet was not wearing a life jacket while canoeing. For what it’s worth, National Safe Boating Week launches this Saturday, May 22. As data from the U.S. Coast Guard suggests that 90 percent of drowning victims in recreational boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket, the National Safe Boating Council reminds those recreating on the water to wear a life jacket at all...

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Today’s Dam Inspection Provides “No Concerns Regarding Dam Safety”; MWD Approves Summer Activities on Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, CA — Those in the vicinity of the west end of Big Bear Lake may have noticed divers in the water which, per the Big Bear Municipal Water District, is for an annual inspection of the dam. These inspections were prompted by a crack, discovered three years ago, during a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department dive team training exercise. Since late fall 2008, there has been no indication from these periodic inspections that there are any additional cracks in the dam where two monuments, consisting of two stainless steel bolts, straddle the crack in the upstream side of the Big Bear Dam. As MWD General Manager Scott Heule tells KBHR, “As of noon today [April 19], and after about two hours of dive time, no concerns regarding dam safety or adverse changes in crack dimensions were observed, according to the district’s engineer. The district’s engineer, MWH Americas, indicates that their report of the divers’ inspection findings will be available for the Board of Directors’ review within about four to six weeks.” Heule notes that, provided the weather cooperates, the dive team will move to the site of the old dam tomorrow, to document its condition and accessibility for purposes of possible future lake management activities; they will also attempt to remove some debris that is said to be located on the upstream side of the old...

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Boating Season on Big Bear Lake Launches April 1st

Big Bear Lake, CA — April 1st marks the official launch of boating season on Big Bear Lake, and the Big Bear Municipal Water District will re-open both the boat launch ramps on the North Shore, which have been closed over the winter months in order to serve as an American Bald Eagle habitat area. As of Thursday, the Carol Morrison East Boat Launch Ramp (just west of Stanfield Cutoff) will be open from 6am to 6pm seven days a week, with hours to be extended later in the season; the Duane Boyer West Boat Launch Ramp (just west of Fawnskin) will be open from 6am to 2pm in the month of April. All vessels on the lake will need to have a permit, available from the MWD offices on Lakeview Drive, the launch ramps and marinas on Big Bear Lake. Per Lake Supervisor Travis Carroll, any vessel with a motor will be charged $90 for a seasonal permit, whereas the cost for a non-registered vessel, which includes non-motorized boats such as kayaks, canoes and rowboats, as well as float tubes and sailboards, is $45 per season. “One thing we did change with those,” adds Carroll, “is that the price has been reduced, per our Board of Directors, from $25 to $15 for a one-day use pass.” This year, non-registered vessels, like all other boats, will need to have...

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Municipal Water District to Adopt Non-Marina Kayak Rental Policy and Re-Address Old Gas Leak

Big Bear Lake, CA — The Big Bear Municipal Water District has been addressing the issue of non-marina kayak rentals for use on Big Bear Lake for many months now. Commercial marina operators first brought the issue before the MWD, which then culled public input at a workshop in October. Since that time, the MWD’s Operations Committee, made up of MWD Directors Skip Suhay and Vince Smith, have reviewed marina contracts and public input, as well as consulting attorneys, to determine a fair method of allowing for vessel rental businesses while also honoring existing contracts and yet carrying out the MWD’s responsibility to provide the public with easy access to Big Bear Lake and attendant amenities. Per the Operations Committee’s findings, MWD General Manager Scott Heule explains, “The district has no ability to regulate businesses over the high water line of the lake. But once these rental businesses cross the high water line or enter district property, then there will be requirements, either for a concession permit or they’ll need to collaborate with a licensed commercial marina.” At the MWD Board of Directors meeting on February 18, there was public comment both for and against the proposed recommendation and, Heule concedes, marina owners were not in favor of the proposal. However, the MWD Board, now overseen by President Paula Fashempour, accepted the recommendation that will, essentially, allow for vessel...

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Municipal Water District Reminds: Do Not Walk on Boat Docks or Lake Ice

Big Bear Lake, CA — With an abundance of snow this season, the Big Bear Municipal Water District, the agency that oversees the lake, has noticed more than usual snow load on boat docks this winter. Given the extra weight on these floating structures, the MWD notes that extra caution should be exercised; dock owners and visitors need to refrain from walking on any dock. According to Lake Operations Supervisor Travis Carroll, “Extra body weight could potentially sink the dock, causing you to end up in the lake. The snow and ice on docks makes for a very unstable platform that could potentially cause a slip or fall off the dock as well.” In addition to staying off of docks, it is illegal to venture out on to the lake ice, which could result in fines up to $500 for violators. Carroll also tells KBHR, “Snow along the edge of the lake can be very deceiving in terms of where the water actually starts.” Be sure not to risk falling into the water of Big Bear Lake (whether from a dock or the lakeshore) as it could result in hypothermia as, at present, lake temperatures are hovering near 30...

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