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Earlier Than Expected, Highway 38 Is Now Open!

Angeles Oakes, CA, April 29, 2013 – Earlier than expected, CalTrans has informed KBHR that Highway 38 is now open to traffic in both directions.  Traffic control will take place in the coming days as the US Forest Service and CA Fish and Wildlife continue hazardous fuel clean-up...

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Highway 38 Expected to Re-Open by 10pm

Angeles Oakes, April 29, 2013 – According to Caltrans, Highway 38 is expected to re-open by 10pm tonight.  Additional excavation and work will take place in the coming days by the US Forest Service and CA Fish and Wildlife to clean the remainder of the hazardous fuel spill which occurred Friday morning, April 26th after a fuel tanker overturned below Angeles Oakes depositing an estimated 4,000 gallons of fuel onto the roadway and surrounding...

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Highway 38 Closed Due to Police Activity

Big Bear, CA, March 2, 2013 – Highway 38 is currently closed in both directions due to police activity in the area of Barton Flats.  Kbear sources say that authorities have located the vehicle of suspect Brian Forrett who is wanted for attempted murder of a peace officer.  Yesterday morning, Yucaipa deputies responded to a report of an unwanted person and were met with gunfire.  Additionally, the patrol car was rammed by the suspect who was later identified as 52-year-old Brian Forrett of Riverside.  Stay tuned to KBHR for this breaking...

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Details Emerge in the Tour Bus Accident on Highway 38 Last Sunday Night

Yucaipa, CA, February 5, 2013 – According to the Press-Enterprise, investigators are piecing together the events of Sunday night that caused a tour bus accident on Highway 38 killing 8 people and sending many more to area hospitals.  The bus driver, Norberto Perez, 52, of San Ysidro, who survived the accident, reported that the brakes went out on the tour bus that was chartered from Tijuana, Mexico for a day trip to Big Bear.  Unable to stop the bus, Perez collided with a Saturn sedan before crossing lanes and hitting a pick-up truck hailing a trailer then overturning the bus containing 38 passengers.  The three occupants of the sedan sustained minor injuries.  Fred Richardson, the driver of the pick-up truck, survived but was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for his injuries.  He is expected to recover.  The San Bernardino County coroner’s office released 6 of the 8 names of the victims ranging in age from 13 to 61; three are from San Diego and three from Tijuana.  Seven victims died at the scene and the eighth victim died at Redlands Community Hospital.  The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and the National Transportation Safety Board is helping with the investigation.  In a disturbing turn of events, investigators cited the white bus in July for a faulty axle and brakes, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...

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