Seven Summits of Big Bear Climb

Ted and Heather Devito, the team behind Mountain Fitness Center, invite climbers of all abilities to join them in the Seven Summits of Big Bear, a series of climbs that have become annual outings here in the Big Bear Valley. Hikes start with the easier of the peaks and progress to the biggie, Mt. San Gorgonio. Most hikes begin at 8am, though … [Read more...]

Jordan Romero Says of Everest: “It Was Totally Worth It”; Jordan, Paul and Karen Begin the Journey Back to Big Bear

Now that Big Bear Middle School eighth grader Jordan Romero has achieved his years-long dream, reaching the summit of Mt. Everest--the highest peak in the world, and in doing so, setting a world record by being the youngest person ever to reach the peak at age 13--he and dad Paul Romero and climbing partner Karen Lundgren begin their long journey … [Read more...]

Team Jordan Romero Returns to the “Relative Warmth and Comfort” of Mt. Everest’s Advanced Base Camp

Team Jordan Romero has not yet posted photos from atop Everest, but here is Jordan on an earlier descent on the mountain.

It worked out well that this week’s snowstorm fell on Sunday, rather than on Friday, when the Amgen Tour of California rolled through the Big Bear Valley, bringing us worldwide coverage as the professional cycling race, ultimately won by Michael Rogers of HTC-Columbia, was viewed in over 200 countries. Also putting Big Bear on the map over the … [Read more...]

Team Jordan Romero Just One Camp Away from Final Ascent to Mt. Everest’s 29,029′ Peak

Big Bear's Jordan Romero on Mt. Everest at 23,000'

Team Jordan Romero is continuing their progress, as they move closer to the summit of Mt. Everest and ready for their final ascent to the 29,029' peak which, once achieved, will make 13-year-old Jordan Romero the youngest person ever to reach the tallest peak in the world! In a call home to Big Bear this morning (May 20), Jordan says that they are … [Read more...]

“It’s On”: Team Jordan Romero Readies for Their Final Ascent to the 29,029′ Peak of Mt. Everest

Thirteen-year-old Jordan on Everest, making a call back home to mom in Fawnskin this week.

On Monday, we played for you a message from Jordan Romero, the Big Bear Middle School eighth grader poised to be the youngest person ever to climb Mt. Everest, as he and dad Paul Romero and climbing partner Karen Lundgren left Big Bear Lake for Nepal on April 5 and have since been readying for this, the climb to the 29,029' summit. In his call, … [Read more...]

Team Jordan Romero Calls from Chinese Base Camp En Route to 29,029′ Peak of Mt. Everest

The amazing adventures of Team Jordan Romero continue, as the trio of 13-year-old Jordan Romero, his dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren are making progress in their trek to summit Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world at 29,029’. Though receipt of satellite phone transmissions from half-way across the world can be technically challenged, we … [Read more...]

Big Bear Offers Many Opportunities to Enjoy Earth Day, Which Celebrates 41 Years on April 22

We can take care of our Earth, starting with picking up trash so that it doesn't run down streets and tributaries to Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Valley, CA -- This Thursday, April 22 marks Earth Day, which has been celebrated in support of the environment since 1970. Should you be looking for ways to establish—or renew—your commitment to do your part this Earth Day, you can choose to reuse shopping bags, take a moment to pick up litter ’round the lakeshore or in your … [Read more...]

Jordan Romero Calls from Nepal En Route to Mt. Everest: “Things Are Going Super-Well”

In exciting news from Nepal, half way across the world, Jordan Romero, Big Bear’s 13-year-old mountaineer extraordinaire, called us here at KBHR today, April 14, to share with Big Bear that he and dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren are right on schedule in their quest to summit Mt. Everest at 29,029’. “Things are going super-well,” says the … [Read more...]

Thirteen-Year-Old Jordan Romero Readies for the Climb of His Life; Trio Departs for Mt. Everest on April 5

Big Bear Lake, CA -- World-class mountaineer Jordan Romero is readying for the climb of his life, as he and dad Paul and climbing partner Karen Lundgren leave Big Bear Lake on April 5 to begin their trek to the 29,029’ summit of Mt. Everest. At age 13, Romero will be the youngest person ever to reach the peak, as the current record holder is a … [Read more...]

Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Expanding Their Reach to Include Paths for Cross-Country Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Running, Cycling and Horseback Riding

When the snow melts, outdoor enthusiasts will again be able to enjoy the 30 miles of bike routes throughout the Big Bear Valley, though, through the efforts of the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, the hope is to have paths available for non-motorized travel year-round by incorporating routes not just for cycling, but cross-county skiing, hiking, … [Read more...]