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Hathaway Fire Drift Smoke Visible Again Today in Big Bear

Morongo Indian Reservation, June 11, 2013 – As the Hathaway Fire continues to burn, southwest winds will carry drift smoke into the Big Bear Valley again today.  The Hathaway Fire began last Sunday on the Morongo Indian Reservation and continues to burn in rugged terrain making it difficult for firefighters.  The fire has grown to 1,650 acres since it began.  Hand crews have encircled about 25% of the fire and high winds today will make the battle more difficult for fire personnel.  As smoke is visible, Valley residents should know that this fire poses no threat to Big...

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Hathaway Fire at 15% Containment

Morongo Indian Reservation, CA, June 10, 2013 – The smoke has cleared, literally, for the Big Bear Valley but fire crews continue the laborious task of fighting the blaze of the Hathaway Fire that has burned 1,500 acres as of yesterday.  The Hathaway Fire began Sunday just before noon on the Morongo Indian Reservation traveling through steep terrain to the San Gorgonio Widerness area.  The fuel for the fire consists of chaparral and timber in remote and difficult to access areas.  The Hathaway Fire was last recorded to be at 15% containment as of this morning with 999 fire personnel working on the fire including building containment lines. No structures or communities, including Big Bear, have been threatened and there is no estimate of when full containment will be achieved.  The fire is under...

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Smoke Covers Big Bear Valley From Hathaway Fire

Morongo Indian Reservation, CA Sunday June 9, 2013 4:45 pm – The Hathaway Fire, which was reported minutes before noon today, has now burnt approximately 1300 acres and is still growing. The fire apparently started on the Morongo Indian Reservation and quickly spread, due to high winds, into the San Gorgonio Wilderness area.  The fire is currently moving north to an area known as Raywood Flats.  According to the Forest Service they have no containment figures at this time. The fire is burning through an area of mixed Chaparral and Timber in the southernmost area of the San Gorgonio wilderness area.  Hand crews and air support are being used because of the remote nature and roadless landscape which is best described as steep and rocky.  250 firefighters are on hand with more personnel expected to arrive overnight.  Helicopters and fixed wing air support continue to work the fire.  According to Bob Poole of the US Forest Service, there is no threat to Big Bear.  He went on to say that the Hathaway Fire is currently burning approximately 25 miles south of the Big Bear Valley and, as such, the threat of flying embers igniting a fire near Big Bear is very remote.  The cause of the fire is under...

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Hathaway Canyon Fire Smoke and Ash Drifting into Big Bear

Big Bear, CA, June 9, 2013 – Smoke visible in Big Bear is from the Hathaway Fire burning north of Banning in Hathaway Canyon which started just before noon today.  According to the US Forest Service Information Officer, the fire is not a threat to the Big Bear Valley.  We are experiencing smoke and ash throughout the Valley due to the wind direction but there is not a fire in Big...

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