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Highway 38 Expected to Re-Open by 10pm

Angeles Oakes, April 29, 2013 – According to Caltrans, Highway 38 is expected to re-open by 10pm tonight.  Additional excavation and work will take place in the coming days by the US Forest Service and CA Fish and Wildlife to clean the remainder of the hazardous fuel spill which occurred Friday morning, April 26th after a fuel tanker overturned below Angeles Oakes depositing an estimated 4,000 gallons of fuel onto the roadway and surrounding...

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Fuel Spill Prompts Closure of Hwy 38 in Both Directions

Angeles Oakes, CA, April 26, 2013 –  As of 9:42am this morning, a tanker rollover with a fuel spill was reported on Highway 38.  At this time, Highway 38 remains closed in both directions.  Travelers will need to take an alternate route of Highway 18 to/from Lucerne Valley or Highway 18/330 to/from Highland.  Information obtained at this time states that a HazMat response team has been called to the scene as well as the Big Bear Fire Department.  The duel trailer tanker, holding several thousand gallons of gasoline and diesel, has spilled onto the roadway on Highway 38 between Seven Oaks and Angles Oaks.  It is confirmed that at least 1700 gallons of gasoline and diesel has spilled.  An additional 4000 gallons of fuel in a separate tank is leaking slowly.  Also, we have been told that  the gas leaked into a creek prompting notification of Fish and Game.  This accident is now being referred to as the Cold Creek Incident (originally the “Gas Incident”).  Due to the HazMat nature of this incident a lengthy clean-up is expected and so Hwy 38 will be closed for an indefinite period of time according to Chief Jeff Willis of Big Bear Fire ....

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Highway 38 Will Remain Closed Through The Weekend

Big Bear, Ca, September 22, 2011, 3:00pm – Highway 38 remains closed east of Angelus Oaks as a result of an oil tanker overturning earlier this week, resulting in over 6,000 gallons of fuel being spilt on the roadway.  According to Cal Trans, Highway 38 is set to remain closed this weekend, and no reopen date has been set at this time.  The reason for the prolonged closure is that Cal Trans is digging up the roadway, and surrounding area where the fuel spilt, as the contaminated soil needs to be removed. Cal Trans states that hazardous materials contractor Double Barrel Environmental Services is utilizing heavy equipment and working around the clock to remove the contaminated soil. The California Department of Fish and Game, the US Forest Service and local water district officials are on scene assisting with efforts to protect nearby waterways and wildlife habitat.  According to Cal Trans a swift response kept the fuel from flowing into a nearby creek, which feeds into the Santa Ana River.  Initially firefighters were concerned about the possibility that this would ignite a fire below the highway near a local private organizational camp, and ordered the camp to be evacuated as a precautionary measure. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies were able to safely evacuate the 12 individuals at the camp, and the private camp remains closed until San Bernardino Health officials...

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Overturned Oil Tanker Closes Highway 38

Big Bear, Ca, September 20, 2011, 8:30am – On September 19, at approximately 10:20 p.m., a fuel tanker filled with approximately 9000 gallons of gasoline overturned on Highway 38 approximately two miles east of Angelus Oaks.  According to Cal Trans and the California Highway Patrol approximately 8,300 gallons of fuel has spilled into the surrounding area and Highway 38 is closed due to the Hazardous Material Incident.  According to the CHP the fuel tanker was traveling eastbound on HWY 38 towards the Big Bear Area, and for reasons still under investigation, the truck and trailer overturned onto its right side.   The collision ruptured the trailer causing fuel to spill into the surrounding area.  The Cedar Falls campground has been evacuated due to the fuel spill.  Highway 38 is closed to all traffic from Lake Williams Road to Angelus Oaks.  Motorists needing to access or leave the Big Bear Area should use Highway 18, the front or back grade.  The fuel spill has been contained and has not accessed any streams or lakes.  The San Bernardino County Fire Department and CalTrans Hazmat crews are on scene overseeing the clean up that will involve digging up and replacing the turnout and possibly a section of the roadbed where the incident took place.  The duration of the closure is undetermined at this...

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