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The “Lake Fire” Complete Story as Updated

Big Bear, CA, July 9, 2015, 11:40am – The Lake Fire has remained at approximately 31,359 acres in size and is 98% contained and is being managed by Jason Winbigler’s Type 3 Team from the San Bernardino National Forest. The fire behavior is currently minimal with heavy fuels smoldering within the perimeter.  Smoke may be visible, however it is all well inside the containment lines.  It is common for smoke to be visible from inside a fire’s perimeter line for months until a season-ending event occurs, such as weeks of wetting rains or snow.  Fire crews and helicopters will...

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P-3 Aerial Firefighting Fleet To Be Revived

San Bernardino Mountains, CA, February 7, 2015 – Orion Aerial Firefighters is a company dedicated to return the P-3 Orion aircraft to aerial firefighting service. It is currently raising funds to bring these aircraft back to the fleet of air tankers. Dale Head, CEO of Orion Aerial Firefighters, says, “The US Forest service has a shortage of large air tankers, which dangerously reduces its firefighting capabilities. Pilots feel that the maneuverability and relatively short wingspan of the P-3 allows it to get to places other airtankers just cannot.” In 2011, after 20 years in service as the backbone of the US Forest Service’s large airtanker fleet for fighting wildland fires such as we’ve experienced here in the San Bernardino Mountains, the USFS cancelled the contract for six P-3 airtankers due to concern over maintenance practices by Aero Union, the owner of the P-3 fleet. Orion Aerial Firefighters has assembled a unique team of engineers, maintenance experts, and pilots who intend to return these aircraft to aerial firefighting. Their familiarity with these particular aircraft put Orion AFF in a unique position to return this P-3 fleet to service within a year of funding. If you would like to help return the fleet of P-3 Orion large airtankers as a critical component of the US Forest Service’s national firefighting fleet, got to...

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Small Vegetation Fire In Moonridge Area

According to John Miller of the US Forest Service, Fire crews are fighting a small vegetation fire named the Golf Fire, a slow moving fire in the Moonridge Area east of Villa Grove. The fire is east of Villa Grove down in a canyon and less than 50 by 50 feet in size. Local fire agencies along with US Forest Service firefighters are responding. No homes or structures are...

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DOVES Seeks MVP’s : Men for Violence Prevention

Big Bear, Ca, October 3, 2011, 3:00pm – Hundreds of people came together last Sunday to support DOVES, and to speak out against Domestic Violence.  The 4th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event took place, where men and boys put on women’s shoes, and walked through the village to stand against Domestic Violence in Big Bear.  The march was led by the Big Bear High School football team, and also included Big Bear Valley Firefighters, community and church members.  DOVES is an outreach center for victims of Domestic Violence, and provides many programs including legal advocacy for victims of domestic violence, one on one counseling, children’s therapy, a men’s mentoring program, transitional housing, Hispanic outreach, elder abuse support, a teen dating violence program and also has a 17 bed shelter in Big Bear.  In a presentation to the Community Church congregation Sandy Benson, DOVES Director of Outreach Services, stated that many people don’t think domestic violence happens in our “Big Bear bubble,” however the statistics from last year prove that idea wrong.  In the 2010-2011 fiscal year DOVES answered 614 hotline calls, served 877 adults and children, provided 358 hours of legal advocacy, received 270 shelter requests, and provided shelter locally for 35 families or individuals.  According to DOVES, local people who request shelter are sent to other areas to protect the families, and DOVES has always...

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