E-Mail Scam Alert

San Bernardino, CA, September 27, 2012, 6am - Scam Artists are masquerading as Social Security Representatives and they’re attempting to get your personal information through e-mails that appear to be from the Social Security Administration. The e-mails often appear as invitations for you to receive on-going federal benefits.  These e-mails … [Read more...]

Big Bear Sheriff’s Station Hosts Free Seminar on Identity Theft and Scams

Big Bear, CA, April 10, 2012, 5:00pm - In order to raise community awareness, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station is offering a free seminar on identity theft and common fraud scams on Wednesday evening, April 11th.  Our local Sheriff’s Department has received an increased number of reports of scams and identity theft over the past three months.  … [Read more...]

Email Scam Targeted at First Mountain Bank Customers

Big Bear, Ca, October 4, 2010, 12:00pm - Today KBHR Received a call from Richard Miller of First Mountain Bank, that someone is sending out a scam email posing as First Mountain Bank, stating that your account has been hacked into, and that you need to verify your information to get back into your account.  Delete this email immediately, and do … [Read more...]