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Big Bear Gives BIG

Big Bear, CA, May 9, 2014 – The Give BIG San Bernardino County 24 hour web-a-thon was a huge success, raising a total of $548,214 for 262 non-profits throughout our county. Supervisor James Ramos spearheaded the effort to have this online give day to support the local non-profits that serve the communities of San Bernardino County. He also personally pledged $1500 to the Third District non-profit with the highest number of donors. That honor went to Big Bear’s own Lighthouse Project. Big Bear was well represented in the campaign and took the top three spots in number of individual donors. The Lighthouse Project had the most donors overall and raised the second most amount of money in the entire county. The Big Bear Valley AAUW Tech Trek Program and the Education Trust were second and third in number of unique donors. All three received extra funds due to their donor numbers and random drawings made throughout the 24 hour campaign. With the success of this year’s day of giving, Supervisor Ramos hopes to continue Give BIG in the future, increasing the amount of money raised for these non-profits which bring us a variety of services from education to healthcare to recreation and culture....

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Pebble Plain Habitat… Only in Big Bear

Big Bear Valley, CA, April 12, 2014 – When the glaciers receded during the Pleistocene Age, they created unique open areas covered with miniature rare plants found only in Big Bear. These areas are known as pebble plains and have a soil composition of quartzite pebbles, deposited over eons, which prevent conifers from taking seed, thus preserving this ancient habitat for many millennia. The Pebble Plain is home to seventeen protected plant species and four rare kinds of butterflies. Three of these butterflies are found nowhere else in the world. The plants are accustomed to the exact kind of soil found in the pebble plain. They receive just enough moisture and the right amount of sunlight they need to grow. Pebble plain habitats are open patches of rocks surrounded by Junipers, Pinions, and other pines. Plants and grasses grow low and sparse between the pebbles. There are pebble plains in the Baldwin Lake area, Gold Mountain, Holcomb Valley, Sugarloaf Ridge, and a series of ridge plateaus in Moonridge called the Sawmill Complex. These areas are very fragile and the plants in this community grow very slowly, so when something disturbs the soil or pebbles, or crushes the plants, weeds that don’t belong there quickly move in. 150 acres of pebble plain were lost when Big Bear Lake was created. Gold mining, cattle grazing, rock collecting, off road vehicles, development,...

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Moonshine & Mayhem Event To Raise Money For Local Charities

Big Bear Lake, CA, February 17, 2012, 3:00pm – The Big Bear Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual Moonshine & Mayhem event on February 25th, 2012, at the Big Bear Lake Convention Center.  The Chamber has added a charity dance competition to the event that will help raise money for local Big Bear charities and the Chamber of Commerce. Fifteen dance couples will hit the dance floor and dance the Cowboy Swing, Two Step, and Cha Cha to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities, which include the Hospital Auxiliary, Education Trust, Lighthouse Project, Historical Society, and many others. Lisa Patterson, Membership Chair and dance competition coordinator hopes the dance couples will include humor, parody, and comedic relief into their dance performances. She really wants people to have fun with the competition and try to raise as much money possible for local charities. All donors will get 25 raffle tickets for every $20 donated, which will go into the Chinese auction at Moonshine and Mayhem. Moonshine & Mayhem tickets are only $28 per person or private VIP tables of 10 are $350, and discounts are available for charities interested in purchasing a table. The event includes a buffet dinner, Western DJ Joe Vonesh, line dancing, live and silent auctions. Purchase tickets at the Chamber of Commerce at 630 Bartlett Rd in the Village, or at...

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Education Trust Fundraiser At Club Bombay

Big Bear, Ca, February 7, 2012, 12:00pm – The Big Bear Valley Education Trust is holding a fundraiser at Club Bombay on Wednesday, February 8th from 6:30 to 9:00pm. The Education Trust formed in 2009, when a group of concerned citizens decided to explore ways to support out local schools.  Since then the Education Trust has helped bring 25 volunteers into classrooms to aid teachers, speakers have visited and talked with high school students about different career paths, and currently 25-30 teachers are going through GATE Training, which stands for Gifted and Talented Education.  The Education Trust is funding the fees for the teachers to attend the classes that will expose teachers to different methods of working and teaching young people, by presenting material in a different way to make it more appealing, exciting, and engaging to students.  The fundraiser at Club Bombay will help fund the classes, as well as support other programs of the Education Trust.  Attendees will receive a complimentary 2012 membership to Friends of the Big Bear Valley Education Trust along with the ticket...

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