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Update On The Acquistion Of The DWP By The MWD

Big Bear, Ca, April 26, 2011, 4:00pm – The Department of Water and Power, the Big Bear Municipal Water District and the City of Big Bear Lake City Council met on Monday April 25th to discuss the possible acquisition of the DWP by the MWD.   All three boards in attendance, along with staff members from the agencies, discussed the pro’s and cons of a possible acquisition.  According to Steve Foulkes, chairman of the DWP, the benefits would be streamlined government, savings to water rate payers, better valley wide representation, and an elected board who is responsible to its constituents.  Although not insurmountable, some of the problems, voiced by board members in attendance were the acquisition of the DWP’s debt, where the administration would be housed, and varying regional viewpoints.  In the end it was unanimous by all three boards and their members that this acquisition could be beneficial to the citizens of Big Bear, and requested that the MWD and DWP move in the direction of the MWD acquiring the DWP.    According to Mayor Jahn, “This acquisition is timed well, and is a result of leadership on the DWP, headed by Chairman Steve Foulkes, and the leadership of the MWD, and is an exciting time for everyone who lives in Big Bear.” [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30658.mp3|titles=Update on MWD DWP April 26...

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MWD Meeting To Discuss Possible Aquisition of DWP

Big Bear, Ca, April 20, 2011, 3:00pm – The Big Bear Municipal Water District, or MWD, will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 21st at 1:00pm at the MWD offices located on Lakeview Drive.  Board members will consider approving a concession permit to Big Kahuna Hot Dogs at the East Ramp, and will consider authorizing staff to engage in discussions with the Department of Water and Power regarding the possible acquisition of the DWP by the MWD.   The board will go into closed session at the end of the meeting to discuss the possible acquisition of the DWP.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend and speak during public comment time.   There will also be a special meeting on Monday, April 25th at 9:00am to conduct a workshop which will include discussion of the possible aquisition of the DWP by the...

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DWP Celebrates California Native Plant Week at Local Nurseries

Big Bear, Ca, April 20, 2011, 12:00pm –  This Friday, April 22ndis Earth Day, and this week is the state’s first California Native Plant Week. To celebrate the Department of Water (DWP) will be giving away information and water conservation goodies at two local nurseries.  DWP staff will be at Hunters Nursery on Fox Farm Road Friday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. then at Emingers Nursery on Big Bear Boulevard from noon to 3 p.m. Staff will be distributing information on native and drought tolerant plants suitable for mountain landscaping. Posted signs will identify ideal native plants for all garden situations. Planting native and drought tolerant species saves large amounts of water, especially in the summertime.  There will be free coloring books and stickers for children, and adults can set up appointments for free water audits in their home and yards.  California Native Plant Week (CNPW) is a week dedicated to the appreciation, education and conservation of California’s fabulous native flora. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30634.mp3|titles=Native Plant...

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MWD & DWP To Possibly Merge

Big Bear, Ca, April 11, 2011, 5:00pm – According to the City of Big Bear Lake, “valley residents may soon reap the benefits of a combined water district.”  Today the Department of Water and Power (DWP) Board of Commissioners voted to engage in discussions with the Big Bear Municipal Water District (MWD) regarding the potential cost and benefits of the MWD acquiring the DWP water system.  DWP Chairman Steve Foulkes stated “Our goal and expectations are that we can achieve significant cost savings that could be used to reduce rates or accelerate water infrastructure replacement or both and at the same time create a better long term water management structure.”  According to the city, some of the potential benefits of a combined water district would be elminination of one layer of government, possible significant reduction in water rates, or acceleration of water infrastructure replacement, reduced administrative, property tax, debt service and other costs.  Chairman Foulkes further stated: “This strategic business combination with MWD, will further the DWP’s mission statement to more cost effectively deliver quality water to meet the needs of our current and future customers.” [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30611.mp3|titles=DWP MWD Possible Merge April...

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DWP Seeking Applicants for Board Positions

Big Bear, Ca March 25, 2011 12:00 pm – Good management of the Valley’s water resources is essential.  Concerned citizens living in the area served by the City of Big Bear Lake’s Department of Water & Power can help ensure good management by becoming a member of the DWP’s Board of Commissioners.  The Board has 3 vacancies as of June 30, 2011.  Commissioners are appointed to the 5-member panel by the City Council.    Appointees are required to be registered to vote, a resident of an area served by the DWP, and must attend all regularly scheduled meetings on the third Tuesdays of every month, as well as additional meetings called by the Board.  Applications for the openings can be obtained in the City Clerk’s office in the Civic Center at 39707 Big Bear Blvd, by calling (909) 866-5831, and online at citybigbearlake.com.  The deadline to submit applications is 5:00 pm April 20, 2011. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30562.mp3|titles=DWP Board...

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