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City, Parks, and Schools Compete For DWP’s Biggest Loser

Big Bear, CA, July 27, 2015 – The spreadsheets are complete, the meters read, the data is entered and the results are in. The Bear Valley Unified School District  has won Round One for the Big Bear Lake Department of Water’s Biggest Loser competition. In May Reggie Lamson, the DWP General Manager, and Sierra Orr, Water Conservation and Public Information Specialist met with key staff from each agency: the City of Big Bear Lake, the Big Bear Parks and Recreation District and the Bear Valley Unified School District to discuss ways the “Big Three” could help the community meet or beat the 16% conservation goal. To determine who shed the most water use DWP compared their total consumption for the month of June, across all facilities, and compared it to their total consumption in June of 2013 (the baseline year for California’s mandated water use reduction). BVUSD has slashed their water use by more than half, reducing their monthly use from 2.59 million gallons down to 1.22 million gallons. From their small office next to a garage on Knickerbocker, Terry Planz, the school district’s Facilities and Operations Manager, along with his secretary and right hand, Syd Callaway, manage 316,000 square feet of buildings and over 100 acres of land across seven sites with only six staff members. “We do everything we can to save,” said Planz. “ We face...

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DWP Goes Solar

Big Bear lake, CA, November 14, 2014 – Not long ago, the City of Big Bear Lake put together a design/build solar contract that was partially funded by U.S. Department of Energy grant funding. The original solar projects proposed by the city, which include the new solar parking kiosks in the lower lot at the Civic Center which will generate more than 50% of the building’s electricity, came in under budget. The excess grant funds would be lost if not used, which prompted DWP General Manager Reggie Lamson to suggest installing solar panels on the 4200 square feet of south facing roof on the DWP’s office building. Once it was determined that the solar project would be feasible, the City added the DWP project as a second amendment to the original contract. The grant funded half of the $303,000 project cost with the rest coming from DWP reserves. The solar panels are expected to offset the annual $38,000 per year electricity bill by $26,000, making the payback period about six years. The panels should be operational as of tomorrow. If you’re curious how much solar energy is being produced, there is a display screen in the lobby of the office building showing current solar energy...

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Angels Camp Reservoir Construction Complete

Big Bear Lake, CA, October 22, 2014 – On October 17, construction was completed on the Angels Camp Reservoir, adding gravity storage for operational efficiency and fire protection in the Sugarloaf system. Gravity storage eliminates the need for round-the-clock operation of the Barton and Magnolia Booster Stations in Sugarloaf that will now only be used in emergencies. This will save the DWP approximately $50,000. per year in electricity costs. In the spring of 2014, the DWP secured just over $4.1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, in the form of a $1 million grant and the rest as a low interest loan. Besides funding the Angels Camp Reservoir project, this loan/grant has funded two additional projects as well.The Klamath Booster Station will increase the DWP’s ability to efficiently move water from the eastern to the western portion of its service area. The Arrastre Creek Well in Lake Williams will secure a long-term water supply, as well as improved water quality for residents in that area. Estimated completion of both projects is December...

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DWP Hands Over Rimforest Water

Big Bear Lake, CA:  October 3, 2014 – In 1989, the City of Big Bear Lake acquired the water systems that the City of Big Bear Lake, Department of Water and Power (DWP) currently operates and maintains.  The systems include the majority of the Bear Valley plus the small water system of the unincorporated community of Rimforest, near Lake Arrowhead.  The Rimforest Water System (Rimforest System) services about 300 customers and is actually contained within the service area of the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District (LACSD).  On January 29, 2014, the DWP authorized the sale of the Rimforest System to the LACSD, followed by authorization from the Big Bear Lake City Council on February 24, 2014. By law, this transfer had to put on the ballot for Big Bear Lake voters to approve.  On June 3, 2014, the majority of the City of Big Bear Lake voters voted “yes” on Measure E, which approved the transfer.  Effective as of October 1, 2014, the Rimforest community is now serviced by the LACSD.  This transfer allows the DWP to operate more efficiently by not having to travel to Rimforest to service customers.  Due to closer proximity, the LACSD will be able to provide prompt customer service to the Rimforest...

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Water Restrictions Still in Effect

Big Bear, CA, July 30, 2014 – Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted an Emergency Water Conservation Regulation that all Californians are required to follow. However, for the past decade, the Big Bear Lake DWP has had water restrictions in place that are already in line with the State Water Board’s mandated restrictions. Water supplies for the Big Bear Valley come solely from local groundwater aquifers that are recharged by precipitation. In 2002 in the midst of a serious drought, a water shortage emergency was declared by the DWP Board and mandatory restrictions on water use and landscaping were put in place. Due to the efforts of the DWP and Big Bear residents, from 2002 to 2014 demand was reduced by 27% with a 7% increase in service connections. In 2013, the DWP Board lifted the water shortage emergency, but decided to make the water use and landscaping regulations permanent. These include the following: All water leaks must be repaired at once. There will be no hose washing of paved areas. Washing vehicles must be done with a bucket and a hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle. Outdoor watering shall be done before 9 am or after 6 pm and on an alternate day schedule with no watering done on major holiday weekends. Turf installations shall be limited to 1000 square feet and plans must be submitted...

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