On-Demand Chipping Program for Big Bear Valley Is Chipping Away at Requests; Call 877-771-CHIP for Pick-up

Big Bear Valley, CA -- The Valley-wide chipping program, still offered free of charge but now offered on-demand, has been underway since the beginning of the month—and, already, the toll-free chipping hotline at 877-771-CHIP has received over 650 requests for service. Of these, over 570 requests have been processed (as of June 23), meaning … [Read more...]

Local Forest Care Program Eases Requirements, Reimburses Homeowners 75% for Creating Defensible Space

Big Bear Valley, CA -- ’Tis the season to clear defensible space, to ensure that your home, our community and the surrounding forest are fire-safe for the summer season. As emphasized by Big Bear Lake Fire Chief Rod Ballard prior to a Forest Care presentation at last night’s City Council meeting, “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of … [Read more...]

Local Fire Agencies Partner to Offer Free, Curbside Chipping Program; Valley’s New Chipper Hotline is 877-771-CHIP

Big Bear Valley, CA -- The free neighborhood chipping program returns to the Big Bear Valley in June and what’s new and exciting about this year’s effort is that all three local fire agencies—Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake and San Bernardino County Fire Departments—have pooled their grant resources and will implement the program collectively. … [Read more...]

May 2-8 Is Wildfire Awareness Week: “Wildfire Is Coming… Is Your Home Ready?”

Per a declaration from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, this week is Wildfire Awareness Week in California and, with it, the launch of the Ready! Set! Go! Program by California fire agencies including CalFire and the San Bernardino County Fire Department. This year’s theme during Wildfire Awareness Week, which runs May 2-8, is “Wildfire is … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District Honored With Third Firewise Award; Reduced Revenue from Property Taxes Results in Budget Shortfall

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District has both some good news and some bad news, both of which were revealed in the last week. The bad news, as the City of Big Bear Lake prepares budgets for fiscal year 2010/2011, is that the Fire Protection District looks to see a significant shortfall in revenue in the coming year, … [Read more...]

Networking Season Begins With First Big Bear Chamber of Commerce Mixer; SBNFA Hosts 5pm Event at Northwoods

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Springtime marks the start of the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce’s mixer season, so starting this evening and most second and fourth Tuesdays, there will be networking opportunities. The first of the mixers will be hosted by the San Bernardino National Forest Association at Northwoods Resort today, April 13, from 5 to 7pm. The … [Read more...]

Fire Department Hosts First of Three Defensible Space Workshops on Tuesday, April 13

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Big Bear Lake Fire Department is once again hosting general workshops on defensible space, and the first of these, being held tomorrow, is open to all landscapers, nursery owners, property managers, and handymen, as well as homeowners who want to know how to make their property more fire-safe. The workshops hosted by the … [Read more...]

Smoke May Be Visible; Forest Service Resumes Pile Burning Near Angelus Oaks


Angelus Oaks, CA -- Given favorable weather conditions, firefighters with the San Bernardino National Forest are once again working on hazardous fuels removal today. Debris piles are being burned in the Angelus Oaks area, off Highway 38 today, so there is the likelihood that smoke may be visible to the southeast of the Big Bear Valley, as well as … [Read more...]

Smoke from Hazardous Fuels Pile Burns Off Highway 38 May Be Visible

Crews from the U.S. Forest Service did some hazardous fuels pile burns in the Angelus Oaks area yesterday, so some residual smoke may still be visible from the Big Bear Valley. At this time [8am], additional pile burning was not scheduled to be taking place today but, again, some smoke may be visible in the vicinity of Barton Flats off Highway 38. … [Read more...]

Smoke May Be Visible, Due to Forest Service Pile Burns Off Highway 38

Smoke may be visible from the Big Bear Valley this afternoon, as the U.S. Forest Service is conducting hazardous fuels pile burns in the Barton Flats area off Highway 38. Pile burns on the National Forest will continue through the winter months, and smoke may again be visible tomorrow, if weather conditions allow for continued work in the Barton … [Read more...]