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City Council 3-2 Split on City Manager’s Annual Pay

Big Bear, Ca, July 28, 2011, 3:00pm – The Big Bear Lake City Council and the Improvement Agency met yesterday in a special meeting to discuss and approve changes made to the City Managers contract.  Council voted to remove City Manager Jeff Mathieu’s housing allowance from the contract, and to remove payment that came from the Improvement Agency.  In a three to two vote, Council also voted to increase the City Manager’s base pay from $185,000 a year to $221,000 a year.  Mayor Pro Tem Rick Herrick and Councilman David Carretto voted against the pay increase.  Councilman Carretto stated that he had done some research on other City Manager’s pay levels within San Bernardino County and that the average was $218,000.  Mayor Pro Tem Herrick and Councilman Carretto both thought that for the size of our city, the City Manager’s annual salary should be lower than $200,000.  Both praised Mathieu on his work done, and stated that their reason was not based on performance but on the size and financial scope of the city.    The meeting was adjourned, and no members of the public...

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Special Meeting of City Council Looks At City Manager’s Contract

Big Bear, Ca, July 27, 2011, 4:00pm – The Big Bear Lake City Council and the Improvement Agency will meet tonight to hold a special meeting discussing City Manager Jeff Mathieu’s Contract.  According to the agenda, upon completion of the City Manager’s annual evaluation, the City Council negotiated an amendment of the Executive Director’s Supplemental Employment Agreement with the Agency, which if passed tonight will eliminate $36,000 in compensation per year.  If the contract is passed, effective July 27th the annual salary of the City Manager will be $221,000 a year.  The amount that would be cut would remove a monthly housing allowance. The $36,000 would then move into the General Fund for the City.   This meeting is open to the public, who are encouraged to attend and may speak during public comment time.  The meeting will take place in Hofert Hall starting at 5:30pm. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30931.mp3|titles=City Manager Contract...

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