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Free Roadside Chipping In Mountain Communities

Big Bear Valley, CA, June 11, 2012, 8:00am – The free neighborhood chipping program in the mountain communities will continue until August 31, 2012. The program is in place to help home and business owners create defensible space on their property by removing dead vegetation and accumulated pine needles, and trimming branches and over grown shrubs.  Once your property has been thinned out, limbed up and cleared of overgrown vegetation, you can call the free chipping hotline to have your material chipped into mulch and carried away. The free program is open to all properties within the National Forest. Residents including renters, homeowners, and second homeowners are eligible. All material that is placed next to the road will be chipped. However, anything larger than 9” in diameter, stumps, pine needles, leaves, construction debris or trash will not be chipped. If you have property in Big Bear Valley and would like the chipper to visit, call 1-877-771-CHIP, that’s 1-877-771-2447. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP315461.mp3|titles=Chipping Program – Mike Evans Reporting]  ...

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Fire District Board Updated on Firewise Programs

Big Bear Lake, Ca July 15, 2011 12:00 pm – During Wednesday’s meeting of the Big Bear Lake Fire District, Fire Fuels Reduction Supervisor David Yegge gave a presentation about the multiple fire prevention programs the city is pursuing.  Big Bear Lake has received commendation for these programs, including an article in Sunset Magazine last September called “Doing it right: looking for the safest place to live in wildfire country? Welcome to Big Bear Lake”  Current programs highlighted by Yegge included the joint agency Curbside Chipping program throughout the Valley, the work with the County to remove dead and dying trees, updates to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and grants in progress for future programs.  One grant Yegge is working on would extend the successful chipping program for several additional years.  In June alone, the program received 570 requests for chipping, with another 225 made this month.  202 tons of brush has been chipped, with some of the wood chips being used at sites around the City, and some slated to be burned for electricity at a plant in Thermal, California.  During the presentation, the Board was invited to visit the firewise property during this Saturday’s Xeriscape Garden Tour.  The demonstration property uses native plants and careful landscaping to create a beautiful yard that also reduces the home’s vulnerability to wildfire.  The demonstration is part of the Districts’ programs...

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Free On Demand Curbside Chipper Program

Big Bear Valley, CA, May 20, 2011, noon – Mother Nature provided some natural tree pruning again this year with the heavy snowfall during the winter months.  As you work around your mountain home this season, Big Bear Valley Fire Agencies remind residents and property owners to create defensible space by limbing up trees, thinning out heavily treed areas on your property, and clearing overgrown vegetation. For specific steps and tips, visit www.thinisin.org. The Big Bear Valley Free Chipping Program is on demand this year valley wide.  Once you have limbed up, thinned out, and trimmed back, call the toll free chipping hot line at 877-771-CHIP (2447) to coordinate FREE pick up. Chipping crews will be at the curb to chip your branches and tree limbs into mulch. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30747.mp3|titles=Free Chipper...

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