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Memorial Day Weekend Marks Start Of Camping Season

Big Bear Valley, CA, May 25, 2012, noon – Camping in national forests can be a year-round endeavor, but for many people Memorial Day Weekend is the time to get started for the summer. Most of the San Bernardino National Forest recreation sites will be open for visitors this weekend. The forest is ready for the summer recreation season, and you can enjoy the outdoors while camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing or a variety of other activities. As always, forest officials encourage visitors to be aware of their surroundings and responsibilities when visiting the forest. They want you to have a safe, enjoyable visit, and always remain aware of the current situation outdoors and the potential for wildfire. Call ahead to check the status of places you plan to visit. Know before you go. Campfires are only permitted at developed sites in the designated fire rings in campgrounds, picnic grounds and Yellow Post Sites. Outside of developed sites, only propane or gas cooking stoves are permitted. Remember to always call ahead and check on current fire restrictions. All Visitor Centers will be open during the holiday weekend, including Monday. Call the Big Bear Discovery Center at 382-2790 for the latest conditions and recreation information. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP31522.mp3|titles=Forest...

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Protect the Bears of Big Bear

Big Bear, Ca May 7, 2011 3:00 pm – The grizzly bears that named the Big Bear Valley are no longer with us, except at the Moonridge Animal Park.  Our local wild bears are the smaller and less aggressive black bears.  They are not small animals however, and will be aggressive enough for concern if they are protecting food or cubs.  Care should be taken when hiking, fishing, camping, and in your backyard to limit encounters with the bears, for your protection and the animal’s.  “Bears are constantly in search of easily obtainable food sources.” says Marc Kenyon, California’s Department of Fish and Game Bear Program Coordinator.  It is key to limit food odors that attract bears.  When camping, never keep food in a tent.  Store food and toiletries in air-tight containers away from your campsite.  Use bear-proof garbage cans or pack out trash to a secure location if not available in the campground.  Don’t burn or bury food waste.  Keep your area clean of anything that might smell good or be food for a bear.  “A bear’s fate is almost sealed once it associates human activity with potential food” continues Kenyon.  To protect the bears of Big Bear, do not feed or tempt them with human food....

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