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Write a Letter: Support Our Schools

Big Bear, Ca, February 3, 2012, 12:00pm – Due to the recent announcement by Governor Brown regarding the cutting of funds for the Home-to-School transportation budget by $800,000 in the Bear Valley Unified School District, a few concerned teachers and parents are taking action. The cuts proposed would force the removal of school bus service from our valley, resulting in many children being forced to find their own way to school. On February 7th at 5:00 PM at Big Bear Middle School, there will be a letter writing campaign to encourage the legislative budget committee to pass SB 81, which would repeal the cuts from school transportation.  Jill Zamoyta, former teacher, concerned parent and wife of Paul Zamoyta, one of BVUSD’s trustees, is helping lead the cause and told KBHR that “Taking away busing in Big Bear would be devastating to not only schools and children, but also families and the economy in general. No transportation means reduced attendance, thereby reducing the amount of funds coming into the district that have been decimated by the state. In addition, the logistical consequences, such as traffic at school sites during drop-off and pick-up, would present a huge problem, and possibly be dangerous as well.”  The organizers of the letter writing event are asking for every community member to come and spend a few minutes writing a letter to express the devastating...

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Big Bear Lake City Council To Re-Examine Improvement Agency Bond Issuance

Big Bear Lake, CA, June 17, 2011, noon – In Sacramento the State Legislature adopted a Budget that includes a trailer bill that eliminates redevelopment agencies as we know them today, now the Big Bear Lake City Council will have to re-examine an Improvement Agency bond issuance.  Recently, the Council and Agency had decided to issue approximately $16.5 million in Improvement Agency bonds. This non-City debt would’ve been used to fund public improvement and infrastructure projects throughout the City. The proposed action to eliminate redevelopment agencies will result in these locally generated funds being diverted to the State for other general public purposes and services.  Without those funds generated through the Improvement Agency, the City will not be able to fund the projects as planned. A presentation will be provided at a future Council meeting in which the public is encouraged to attend and take part.  If you cannot attend the meeting in person, watch the Council Meeting on Channel 97 or on-line at www.citybigbearlake.com. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30830.mp3|titles=Improvement Agency...

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